Get honest with yourself

So… how did that list go yesterday? You should by now have a list of your hopes and dreams for your beautiful life.

Maybe it’s just a few things, maybe you have dozens depending on how specific you got (mine is only 5 items long with fairly generic labels).

So, what to do with this list of yours?

Look at it, how many of them do you already have, or are working your way towards? Tick them off.

That should leave you with a list of things you want to get in order so you feel like you have a fulfilled life.

Now what you want to start thinking about is what you need to do / what needs to happen / what action you need to take to make the rest of it come in to your life.

Regardless of what it is you are wanting you need to honestly as yourself some questions: What sacrifices are you prepared to make? What are the financial implications? You will likely need to give up some of your downtime to get things off the ground? What support will you need? Are you prepared to put the work in?

Change will need to happen or you would already be living in a world where you have it all and there would be little ticks next to everything on your list.

Get honest with yourself.

You can do it… And if you do need that extra support to help you create this world for you… 4 days!!

Jen x


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