Funday Friday

Funday Friday…

It is that time of the week again (already) to be thinking what you can do for fun… In the last week I have been to see The Music of John Williams (the music from some epic blockbuster movies like E.T, Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, Hook etc), I just love going to see the orchestra play.

I also went for a walking tour of the Necropolis which was much better than just going round it yourself when you don’t know who anyone is or why they have a grand or not so grand tombstone.

Remember it’s something that is fun for you, what are you interested in? It doesn’t even need to be today that you do it, plan it today, have fun over the weekend if that is when you are off…

The Glasgow Film Festival starts on 18th Feb, definitely worth checking out next week…

Happy Friday

Jen x

PS Remember to book your space on the workshop

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