Full throttle or baby steps?

Generally we are split to two different ways of change…

100% all or nothing OR baby steps, one thing at a time.

It doesn’t matter which you are… Either way you can have successful change, you need to just do what is right for you and stick with that plan.

If you can’t handle the 100% all or nothing change, then slow it down and build as you go. Whichever you are better suited to, just make sure that you are consistent. It can be easy to fall in to the trap of going all out, failing then not getting back to it, or starting to make small changes then forgetting to keep going until you fully transition.

Make small changes to empower you – if you are someone who can eat a packet if biscuits without even thinking about it because you switch off and mindlessly eat the whole packet – your options are; don’t buy any at all, buy a smaller packet of biscuits or buy an individual from the bakery section….

Make the choice that is right for you.

Be inspired to keep going, don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed and keep moving in the right direction. Remember, it is okay if you take a step back, you just need to make sure that you get back up and go again…

Remember, the changes you make in your life are about making you happy.

It’s okay to be selfish

Jen x


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