From the lessons we need a plan

Things I need to take forward with me in to 2016…

Following on from Tuesday’s list of lessons I have learned in 2015, I thought I would use some of that as pointers for us to take forward in to 2016. I know it’s only the 17th BUT that gives us 15 whole days of the year left to get over ourselves, ditch the excuses and work out how we can put this in to a plan.

So here we go:

  1. I am not always right (shocking I know), you are probably not either
  2. If you don’t take a chance amazing things might not happen
  3. Trust your gut
  4. Be more open
  5. Keep learning (the more you learn the less you know)
  6. Don’t start reading or listening to the news, it’s all just bad, negative fear
  7. If you don’t make mistakes how will you ever know you are right?
  8. If what you are doing doesn’t make you happy, why are you doing it? Stop it!
  9. Keep working on your vision board
  10. All yourself to change things when they don’t feel right. You don’t need to keep going towards a goal just because you thought it was a good idea when you started
  11. You are allowed to change your mind, stop being so stubborn
  12. You know what is best for you, have the confidence and self-belief to know it
  13. Listen
  14. Eat the food that you want because it makes you feel good (healthy, nourished soul is a happy soul)
  15. Read for your work development, personal development and for fun
  16. Laugh lots and lots and lots… Life is about having fun.

Have a fantastic day

Jen x

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