Friday Favour

It’s Friday…

All I ask of you is these couple of things…

Pay attention to your health and keep notes over the weekend (as per yesterday’s email) and think of 2 people that you know would benefit from my emails and send them the link to sign up so they can start to get the benefit of my wisdom / nonsense  or use one of the share buttons up at the top of this email.

My goal for next year is to build my list of readers on email up to 1000 and to do that I need your help. I want people to get the emails because they want them and feel the benefit of them.

We all have dreams and goals and we can’t do it on our own. We need people who believe in us to help us out… These American’s on their podcasts… love it.

Have a fabulous weekend

Jen x

PS Don’t forget: The workshop, spaces are filling up fast. If you have not already secured your seat please head over to book your seat, remember you can bring a friend for £5. If you know anyone that would benefit from the workshop of these emails please forward them on, send them over to my website to sign up or if you think they would benefit from my online course there are so many ways to connect with us here at the Warrior Woman Project the more people we can encourage and get involved the happier we will all be…


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