Friday 13th… Unlucky for some

Friday 13th, unlucky for some… but not for us… we have a different mindset around superstition, a study in Holland shows that there are less traffic accidents, reports of theft or fires breaking out on a Friday 13th than other days supposedly because people are more cautious or stay at home…

In Eastern cultures the number 13 is considered to be lucky and when I was in China people would bee line for seat 13 on transport.

Today, we are going to be  non-superstitious and enjoy the day, plan our fun times, our weekend ahead, let our hair down, relax, watch some horror movies where Hollywood has cashed in bit time… whatever is our idea of fun.

Tomorrow is the Warrior Woman Project Workshop Perfectly Imperfect where we are letting go of the need to be perfect and embracing ourselves as we are. Last chance to book your space

Have a fantastic weekend

Jen x

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