Finding Balance

Tuesday seems to be my update you on my day off kind of a day…

This week I set out to climb not 1 but 2 Munro’s Ben Narnain and Ben Ime near Loch Lomond, after we conquered them we were then going to stroll up the Cobbler which is just short of being a Munro. 3 hills, 1 day… why not!

Well, it seems that Mother Nature had other plans for me… After about 2 hours on Ben Narnain the clouds started to get lower and the rain came on and my friend Grant put his foot down and told me we weren’t going any higher up…

If you had asked me even a year ago if I would be in to hill climbing I would have looked at you like you were nuts and told you no… However, my recent unsettledness has had me searching for calm and connection and where better to get that than in nature?!

This is the 2nd time I have attempted to climb a Munro and the 2nd time that it has been road blocked by Mother Nature. It got me thinking, what is the lesson that the universe is trying to teach me here? What is it I need to learn before I get to reach the summit?

As someone who is very masculine energy (driven, focused, independent, determined, singular) this is my comfort zone, my safe place to be, I am in control. I have found that as much as this energy helps me a lot in achieving goals, it is also very restrictive particularly when it is so out of balance with the feminine energy (emotional, creative, receptive, go with the flow).

When you are with nature you have no choice but to go with the flow, if mother nature decides the weather is changing there is nothing you can do about that… being creative and emotional is a challenge when there is a goal to be met, no time for distractions… when the distractions are removed then the brain can be free…

I also believe the people you spend time with can have an effect and impact on this too.

Now you might think that spending time with feminine energy people would be a good way to rebalance. Not for me, nothing pushes me more in to my masculine than feminine energy people… If decisions are not getting made, things are not happening, progress is not being made, it drives me nuts. I need to be around strong masculine energy people that I trust and know that they will take control of the situation.

Everyone is different in their energies, and what works for them, if you find that things are not working in your favour and you are out of balance then check in with yourself first what is going wrong, what is out of balance and what do you need to bring you back in to balance. Then think about what usually works best for you to bring you back in line and get more of that.

What lessons is the Universe teaching you?

Have a balanced day

With Love

Jen x

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