Find your balance

How many times do you set yourself a goal and you go full steam ahead in to it?

You want to lose weight so you are in the gym every day, your diet gets a full overhaul and in about 3 weeks it all gets a bit too much, you fall off the wagon and by week 4 you have stopped exercising and you are back to your old eating habits…And that’s not the first time.

Chances are something like that happened 4 months ago when you made your New Years Resolution. How is that going for you? Did you get back on the wagon? Or are you starting to think about it again now. Holiday is booked, you are thinking about your beach body…

Make a plan this time to find a better balance. Make smaller changes to your eating and start with just a couple of days at the gym.

I aim for the 80/20 rule. Eat healthier choices 80% of the time allowing myself that 20% for a desert or chocolate if i feel like having it. If you have a bad day, don’t beat yourself up. Put it aside and make your next one better.

One little fail is not the end of the road.

You didn’t put weight on or get unfit overnight so don’t expect to reverse the damage overnight. Your changes need to fit your lifestyle, working week, your goals and you need to understand your WHY.

Do it for YOUR health.

Do it for YOUR happiness.

Do it for YOUR goals.

Do it for YOUR confidence.

Do it for YOU. 80/20.

Find YOUR balance.

Get help. Get support.

Get educated.

Get wise.

Get results.#wisewords #Wilson14

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