Everything changed when i stopped doing this

So recently you were to identify 10 things that you like about yourself… How did that task go? Did you manage to get more than 10?

Did you feel better about yourself?

It should have made you feel better.

Focusing on what is good instead of what is bad always makes things easier to deal with.

This is the same for all areas of your life.

You don’t like your job? What is it you don’t like?

What is it you do like?

If you can’t think of anything positive then why the hell do you still do it?

Money is not a good enough reason if you are unhappy.

You don’t like your weight / body size?

What bits do you like?

What are you doing to change it?

If you don’t change what you are doing now nothing is going to be different.

If you are doing everything you know how to and you are still not getting results then it is time to get in an expert to help you.

The first thing I do with clients is talk about setting goals and understand why they are setting them, and what they will get out of achieving them.

Taking a step back and looking at everything from a different perspective helps you get clarity.

Sometimes you get soooo busy that you feel like to are on a treadmill, going nowhere, and there is no stop button. You can’t think clearly in this situation.

Jump off the treadmill. STOP. Breathe. The world WILL NOT fall apart if you take 5 minutes to breathe and get your shit together.

If anything when you do, your world will fall together even better than you expected.

Jen x

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