Every day is a school day

I do love learning but sometimes when I don’t understand I just want to chuck it.

That sentence really contradicts itself I know, but let me explain and you might understand.

You hear a language you don’t understand and it’s just noise so you tend to switch off from it.

Even sometimes when you know the words are in English but they are totally new to you it sounds the same.

I remember being in physiology at uni and learning about the nervous system. The lecturer could have been speaking Japanese to me and I wouldn’t have known the difference.

It was kind of the same when I went back to try to learn Spanish. I was quite happy when we were going through words and phrases that I know.

As soon as its new vocabulary my brain takes what feels like ages to even get the pronunciation right.

I get a bit of a panic going on in my head and feel like I am back in primary one sounding out words over and over to myself trying to get it right.

I was the same when I was practicing my swimming, there is so much to think about… make sure you breathe out fully before trying to breathe in, arms moving one way, legs moving another, stay relaxed…

At the end of the day it’s all about practice.

It’s how you learn.

It’s not just with learning new languages, but skills, crafts, exercises, games…

At school I was not good at sports, always the last one picked, the last one in the race – that was back in the day when winning mattered, you didn’t get a medal for showing up. It was bronze, silver and gold. I’m pretty sure that my mum told me it was the taking part that counted and as long as you tried you best.

At the time it did matter to me that I wasn’t good at sports so I did my best to avoid it as much as possible. Kind of like the learning thing. It’s too hard so I can’t do it.

Now it’s different, I still don’t do sports that can be won or lost, I’m not motivated in a competitive environment.

The only person that I compete with is myself, to be better today than I was yesterday. As long as you do your best and give it your all, no one can ask for any more – good advice mum!

Some people are highly motivated and competitive which is fine as long as (in my opinion) you are as good a winner as you are a loser.

Take the wins humbly, take the losses as lessons of where to improve next time.

I saw a great quote yesterday ‘your largest fear carries your greatest growth’.

Feel the fear and do it anyway (awesome book). Fear of change, mistakes, embarrassment, failure, whatever the fear is, once you face it and realise that it’s not that bad (your head can make some mental shit up) that is where you learn and grow. Anything else is just revision – like me in my Spanish class.

Today, I challenge you.

Think about your dreams and life goals.

What scares you the most about them?

What small first step can you take in the direction of them?

When are you going to take that step?

Make a plan of the first few steps to get momentum going then take them.

I would love to hear what you do…

Jen x

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