Even I feel lost sometimes

Even I feel lost sometimes…

I look at my life and I love it, I have a beautiful house (inside anyway), I have amazing friends and family. I am doing a job I love, if you can even call it a job, I have my volunteering gig, I go to classes I enjoy, I go to toastmasters’, the cinema, I eat out, I read, I go for tea, I go for walks, I look at the stars… I do a lot of stuff and I choose to do it all…

But I still feel like there is something missing, like there is so much still to do with my life, I am nowhere near ready to stop and I will never settle for something that doesn’t feel right… A lot of my clients are in exactly the same boat or I have conversations with women who feel bad for wanting more…

So, I go back to my wheel of happiness, my vision board, and my bucket list and start to reassess my life… This is exactly what I would do with my clients too, we need to take a step back and look at what is out of balance just now.

All my coaching clients are working on their focused plans, I am pushing them to go after their dreams, seek out their goals and plan and take action and we review these often to make sure that they are still heading in the right direction (just as I am now too).

Things for me are out of whack.

So I need to make my bigger plan, I need to seek out all my goals, go back to the big dream, not just sticking with the easy ones that are right in front of me, it needs to be the bigger picture, the big dream.

I changed my mind again about what I thought I wanted and that is scary… But we are allowed to change our minds and try things out, it’s how we work out what is right, trial, error, failure, success…

I let go of a big part of my life to follow one path and it has brought me to this amazing place that I am in right now but now it is time to take another diversion.

Part of that diversion is to be able to offer you a wider range of services. A few people have contacted me about personal training recently but it has been a bit out of their price range and a few people have spoken to me about coming to class but are intimidated at the thought of going in to a room of ‘fit people that know exactly what they are doing’.

With both of those issues in mind I am creating an option to do small group personal training. There will be small groups of ideally 4 but absolute max of 6 women working together. If this sounds like something you would be interested in can you please do me a massive favour if you haven’t already and complete this short survey so I can identify when would be best to put the sessions on https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/YS9GBBH

I am looking to start these small groups at the start of May.

Never stop assessing where you are in your world and where it is you want to go… The world really is your oyster…

With love

Jen x

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