Energizer Bunny

Last Friday I made the mistake of staying in and doing nothing… For the first couple of hours it was okay, I read some of a couple of my books, I had a leisurely breakfast… then I got bored.

For some people that kind of day would be absolute bliss but for me it was torture… The thought of a chilled day doing nothing is more appealing than the reality of it.

People moan at me that I need to slow down and take time out… That is fine if you feel re-energized by that.

For others being active and keeping busy does let us re-energize.

We are all different and we need to do what is right for us.

Introverted people get their energy by taking time out and being alone, being around people can really drain their energy. Likewise with extroverted people, being on their own is their drain and they need to be social to get back on form.

We really can’t tell others what they should be doing with their down time.

Your down time is your down time. Do with it what makes you feel happy and energized.

Have a happy Friday

With energized love

Jen x

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