Empty Promises

There has been a lot of chat recently within the fitness industry about the number of cowboy trainers and instructors out there. I imagine like any industry you get the tradies who are just winging it, the people who are bold enough to do a job unqualified and uninsured…

It is frustrating for those of us who have spent not just years learning our trade but the tens of thousands of pounds we spend on our education and making sure that we keep up to date with qualifications, improving and developing our skills to ensure that we are giving the best service to our clients.

Even if someone is recommended to you, I strongly recommend you check out not just if they have qualifications, how up to date they are, go and see how they operate and interact with their current clients and investigate previous clients. Even speak to other trainers / coaches to get feedback and an idea of who is good and who you should avoid.

When you are spending your hard earned cash on yourself make sure that you are getting your money’s worth and not throwing it away at whoever has the best deal and what seems like a magic pill but not the best track record, you don’t want a whole lot of empty promises – you will end up spending a whole lot more having poor mistakes corrected.

Remember, there are no magic pills. If there was then I would have a totally different career path and no business.

I could go off on a massive tangent about this sort of thing, but I will keep it short and sweet with a slightly diplomatic recommendation.

Jen x


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