Eat Well Stress Less

Food can also play a bit part in stress. What you eat can stress you and stress can make you overeat or under eat depending on how you react to things.

Starting with eating to help reduce the amount of stress in your body…

Avoiding processed foods, these are often high in salt and or sugar and send your blood pressure and blood sugar levels off the scale meaning that your body has to work really hard and bringing the levels back to normal.

Making sure that you have enough magnesium, zinc and omega 3 oils in your diet are really important.

Magnesium rich foods include bananas, dark leafy green veg, nuts, seeds, avocado and dark chocolate. You do only absorb about 14% of the magnesium available in the food so having an eposom salts bath or getting a magnesium spray to apply to your skin is a good way to boost the magnesium, your body takes on about 80% through the skin.

Zinc rich foods include meat, eggs, legumes, and oysters.

Omega 3 oils are found in your oily fish: tuna (not canned), salmon, sardines, mussels, trout, krill, sea algae, flaxseed and chia seeds.

You can supplement with these but I would recommend that if you are on any medication that you speak with your Dr first, and then when buying supplement make sure that they are a good quality brand, especially with the fish oils (if you would like recommended brands please get in touch with me and I can point you in the right direction) but eating whole foods is always your best first step.

Allowing yourself to have the occasional treat is good for your stress levels too. Knowing that you are looking forward to cake and coffee with your friend to have a catch up is a great way to de-stress.

Remember, as soon as you tell yourself that you are not allowed or that you are depriving yourself of something you start to get stressed about it. Treats are just that, not rewards or punishments.

When you eat, you should feel satisfied, full, energised and nourished… If you are still hungry, leave it 20mins then have something else, if you feel sluggish, bloated, sleepy or guilty then you might want to look at what you are eating and see what small changes you can make to make it a better meal for you.

Eat well, stress less

Jen x

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