Don’t be SAD

Happy Monday

I speak to you warriors a lot about happiness and how it is a choice. Now the winter is rolling in more and more people are announcing they suffer from SAD and that they hate this time of year, its dark, grey, miserable, blah, blah, blah…

I am in no way suggesting that SAD is not a real thing, I believe and understand that we humans are affected by a lack of vitamin D which has been linked to depression.

I have some suggestions to help you out if you are someone who gets a bit of the winter blues.

Good news, there is about 50 days left until the shortest day, then we are back on route to summer – that my friends is good news!

Get a good quality vitamin D supplement. The one I get is about £7 and the bottle lasts for about 6 months (it might be more, I got mine about 6 months ago and there is still some left) – get in touch if you want me to recommend a brand. I am not massive on recommending supplements but vitamin D, good quality omega 3 oils, probiotics, a good quality multi vitamin and magnesium baths are the main things that most people would benefit from (I can recommend products for all of them) cheap supermarket and Holland and Barret supps are not the best quality and you are probably just wasting your money on them.

My next suggestion is invest in a SAD lamp, these lights start to brighten your room to wake you naturally the way you wake up in the summer with sun rise. I have friends that have them and say they are great.

Wear bright clothes. So many of the winter clothes are dark and gloomy, brighten it up, look and feel good.

Think about your physiology. I noticed the other day when I was walking back from the gym with my umbrella up I was all hunched down protecting myself from the wind and rain. Then when I got in the house I was curled up in a ball keeping cosy on the sofa… Remember what I have talked about before when I talk about happy physiology. Feeling down and depressed, shoulders are rounded, head is down, feeling happy, shoulders are back, head and chest proud.

I appreciate that sheltering yourself from the rain you need to huddle under the umbrella, but as soon as you can, open that posture back up,  get some big deep breaths in, look up, smile and try to feel blue.

I do believe that many people create SAD in their life just because they have heard of it, it’s the fashionable thing to do and it is something else to have a moan about.

This happy go lucky ray of f@#king sunshine doesn’t believe that for most of us it needs to be the way… I used to tell myself I had SAD, I found my passion in life and live it every day, I don’t have much to be sad about. My mum used to say she had SAD, she retired and now fills her days living her passions…

Maybe it’s nothing to do with the weather and in fact to do with your view of your days…

Have a think about that today, it might not be as bad as you think.

Jen x

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