Does it REALLY matter?

Something that came up in the workshop at the weekend when we were talking about being imperfect was the need to be there for everyone all the time, having the fear of not being the best mum / friend / partner / colleague.

I had recently been listening in on a webinar with Danielle LaPorte who had said that something we need to get better at understanding for ourselves is to have ‘unconditional love with conditional boundaries’.

I absolutely loved that when I heard it…

Our families, friends, maybe you don’t ‘love’ your colleagues but there hopefully is some respect there and of course yourself, there is unconditional love… The conditional boundaries need to come in to play when you take time for you. You need to refill your energy levels doing things that are just for you and you HAVE to do this guilt free.

The guilt free part can be hard particularly if you feel like you are letting someone else down, but you have to remember by not taking time for you, you are letting yourself down. It needs to be proper down time; a yoga class, meditation, reading, walking, listening to music, going to the cinema, whatever you need to recharge the batteries and switch off from the stress of the world.

I know so many people who work in the corporate world that put in so many extra hours to meet deadlines and get really stressed out about them. It was really refreshing that one of the girls on the course on Saturday who works pretty high up in the corporate world has the savvy to be able to put herself and her sanity first with the ‘what will actually happen if this report is late? Nothing, it will go in late…’ attitude.

I often ask my clients when they are stressing about things to take a step back and ask themselves ‘in the grand scheme of the world, does it REALLY matter?’. Obviously people working in professions where people’s lives are in your hands then the answer to that would be yes, but for the most part the answer is going to be ‘no’.

Write that down somewhere that you know you will see it when you get stressed out to remind yourself of that question….

‘in the grand scheme of the world, does it REALLY matter?’

Have a beautiful Wednesday

With love

Jen x

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