2nd last day of the month and as I have been doing every month this year I am asking you to look back over what you wanted to get out of this month just gone.

Did we progress or stall?

I have had a mixed month, I have got through a lot of stuff but I also feel behind on a lot too… Today I am flying out to Greece for my best friend’s wedding. I am flying out of Liverpool so I have a 3 hour train journey and a 4 hour flight to get some things done, and making the most of not having any internet to distract me.

It is important when we are struggling to get through things to know what it is that is holding us back and how we can get round these road blocks.

There is usually a mix of the internet being a rabbit hole of distraction and we lose hours with the just one more post, just one more click (I am pretty sure that’s not just me lol).

We need to find ways of getting away from the distractions and getting in to a focused, motivating space. One of the things I have also done is taken on desk space in an office in Glasgow. Starting next week for 4 hours a week I will have somewhere to go where there are other entrepreneurs and business owners working on their stuff. I am confident that the environment will help me be more productive than being in the house where there is washings and cleaning to be done.

What are your main distractions?

How do you get away from them?

How can you get in to a more motivating environment?

Maybe you need someone to hold you accountable.

My friend and flatmate recently sent me a list of her goals with deadline dates on them which I saved on my phone and every now and again would message her to find out how she was getting on. She sent them to me intentionally because she knew that I would follow up.

When I work with my clients we discuss what it is they want in terms of goals, some of them just for the day, some week, month or even year, depending where they are in their own head and I follow them up. It’s all part of the coaching that I offer.

Anytime I have worked with a coach that has been part of the deal. The very thought that someone else knows what it is that you are needing to do and what you said you want to do helps keep you on track.

This would be the only time where your need to people please can be a benefit to you.

Where are you this month? How much of your list can you tick off? Are you remembering to celebrate or congratulate and be pleased and proud of your achievements? Acknowledging your progress is as important as making the progress itself.

Celebrate the small stuff, work out your distractions and start to get ready for tomorrow’s planning for the next month.

With love

Jen x

PS Maybe being healthier and happier is on your list and you need to book in for the workshop on Tuesday…

To book your space all you need to do is click on the link below and make your payment. One option is if you are bringing a friend for £5 and the other is if you are flying solo and joining us alone.

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