Did You Just Call Me Ugly?

Did you just call me ugly?

Call a girl pretty and she will forget in an hour, call a girl ugly and she will remember forever…

Why is that? Why is it easier to hold on to the pain than the pleasure? Why do we find it so easy to believe bad things about ourselves but not good?

Is it the belief that we are so egotistical if we take and believe the compliment?

Is it that you worry people will assume we think we are better than them?

Is it a fear that not being good enough is easier to handle so when we fail at things in life there is an excuse…

I am single because I am ugly, I am not doing the job of my dreams because I am not smart enough, I have not run the 5K because I am not fit enough, I can’t do exercise because I am too fat, I won’t get anywhere in this world because I failed a test at school and they said I wasn’t smart enough…

Listen to the crap you are telling yourself!

It needs to stop… Step outside yourself for a minute when you are saying these things and hear the words. What would you think if you were overhearing that conversation?

Start having better conversations with yourself and accepting compliments.

If someone says something mean to you, don’t let it bring you down they are speaking out of fear and jealousy. You have enough of that shit going on in your own head, do not take it from anyone else.

Show your strengths. Work on your weaknesses. Take care of yourself. Love what you see in the mirror.

What is pretty or ugly is subjective – if we all thought the same stuff was pretty we would be screwed.

Stop beating yourself up it’s clearly not making you feel better.

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