Create a happy space

Your environment has a massive impact on your mood and what actions you take not only in your work, your personal life but can also affect how you eat and drink.

So, day 28 we want to create a happy space

Have a space that you can go and chill out. You might want to read, listen to music, meditate, or just get away from everything else.

Decorate it in a way that makes you happy, it might be a certain colour, have loads of pillows, photo’s, books, TV, computer (that you do not work on) or it might be a really clear empty space just with a chair that you like to sit in.

Maybe there are candles or oil diffusers that have your favourite smells. This space is just for you. It needs to be a place you want to sit, that makes you feel happy. No work, just time out.

Maybe you like to have vision boards that these can hang there. Maybe you want to have big fluffy pillows or bean bags you can just flop in to…

Let your imagination go wild and creative then make time to sit there.

Jen x

P.S Warrior Woman Project Online is now open for you to start your journey to finding out who you are and what it is you want and creating that happy space that is with you all the time…

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