Connection, do you have it?

Hey, happy Monday, what a fantastic weekend, the first round of my Warrior’s came to the gym and smashed their first session.

They are stronger & fitter than they thought they were, and they went home on Sunday chuffed with their successes. The great thing about working in a small group is you get the attention that you wouldn’t get in a big class and you also have that support of the other participants to push you on, motivate you and believe in each other.

I love to see that team work, I love when the Warrior’s team up against me when I ask them for one more and they don’t like me for asking, but they love that they managed it.

Building strength from the inside out, we are building confidence, self-belief and courage to try things that you may have shied away from if you were on your own.

Goals have been set, plans have been made, commitment to themselves and each other and a pact made that no one compares themselves to anyone else in the group. Everyone has their own starting point, their own strengths and their own weaknesses.

We are all looking forward to tomorrow night’s session where we are going to mix it up a bit and challenge them differently, and I am leaving it as a pleasant surprise for them though.

When you are part of a community or tribe you feel connected which in this digital age is something that we are losing, that sense of connection. To be connected, we need to be around people, we need to communicate, we need to see and feel emotions and if appropriate touch.

I know if I go a whole day without seeing or speaking to anyone, by the evening time I am ready to climb the walls and my mood is lower, my energy is lower, even my motivation starts to drop.

How often in a day do you get to connect? Is it good energising connection? Can you get more of that in to your day?

Let’s have a wee challenge this week and make a point of having at least one additional energising positive connection every single day this week. Yes that says additional and yes that says every single day…

Let’s do this together and let me know how you feel at the end of the week

With love as always

Jen x

PS if you missed this month’s intake of the small group training or are not sure right now but would like to be introduced to the Warrior Woman Project we have a workshop on Saturday 14th May 12-3pm in Glasgow City Centre it’s only £20 and you can bring a friend for £5 Perfectly Imperfect, how to let go and move forward imperfectly, to book your space head over to



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