Comparison is a trap

Comparison is a trap.

This week I have been talking to you about overcoming your obstacles to move you forward. I have mentioned to you about the people in my world that inspire me no matter what their challenge is.

These people inspire me, they make me think ‘if they can, then I can too’.

It is important to understand that I am not comparing myself to any of them. I am not thinking ‘it’s okay for them’ or ‘they get extra support because…’

As soon as you start comparing yourself you are pretty much making yourself a victim. It’s never a like for like situation. Your goals, skills and abilities are different from every single person you know. Maybe one or two things are in alignment but that is it, they are not you, you are not them.

Surround yourself with people who step up and step over, be inspired by them.

Remember the only comparison that should be happening is to who you were yesterday.

Small improvements every single day

Jen x

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