Clearing out the chaos

I don’t know about you but clutter can drive me mad. I may have mentioned before but I know when my head is not in the best of places because my house looks like a tornado has cut through it.

Clear surfaces give space to a clear head…

I am also aware of all the ‘stuff’ I have… There are books in the kitchen, living room, office and bedroom, I have shelves of DVD’s that I rarely watch, I regularly go through my wardrobe and take out anything that I haven’t worn (ever or in a long time) and either try to sell it online, save it for a clothes swap party or send it to the charity shop.

Even though I feel like I clear out regularly, I still feel like I have too much stuff.

There needs to be another clear out… I came across a blog about how to be a minimalist (Hi Universe, I hear you).

Ask yourself these 2 questions:

  1. Do you LOVE the item?
  1. Have you or will you use this in the last 3 years, see yourself using in the next 3 years?

If the answer is no to either of them, find a new home for it.

Things to consider when you are shopping:

  1. Do you REALLY need it?
  1. Are you choosing quality over quantity?
  1. Do you have anything similar that you can already use?

Not only will you be doing your bank account a favour but you will have less that you need to throw out at a later date, and you will be doing your bit for the environment by not being wasteful.

Clearing surfaces is good for the head, clearing excess stuff is good for the soul

Jen x

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