chew your food

Day 5 Eat Mindfully

How many of your meals do you eat on the run or while you are distracted?

Grab your breakfast and eat it on the commute to work. Sitting at your desk working through lunch while you eat at your desk. Eat your dinner working at the laptop or watching TV. Snacking at the cinema, ever been so engrossed in the movie that you have munched your way through the popcorn and have no memory of eating it?

Generally being distracted while you eat is no use.

When we are distracted we don’t register what we are actually eating, we often don’t chew our food enough, meaning that your stomach isn’t ready to digest the food and it hasn’t been broken down enough before hitting out stomach.

When you are stressed the right hormones don’t fire to prepare the body for eating which cause problems with you not digesting your food properly, then your body can’t take in the nutrients that it needs (no matter how healthy your food is).

Turn off the TV, put away your laptop and phone, move away from your desk at work. If you can, do a quick meditation before you eat to reduce the stress. If you need background noise (I am not a fan of hearing people chew) then put some slow paced music on in the background.

Sit at the table if you have one.

Use your knife and fork, but put them down between mouthfuls, don’t load up your fork read to go in as soon as you swallow.

Chew your food, at least 20 times, get the saliva doing its work, make the task in your tummy easier and hopefully reduce indigestion or heartburn.

Enjoy your meal, every mouthful.

If you live with someone, eat and chat with them. Make it a daily occurrence.

You could make this a ritual too along with the meditation!

Eat well

Jen x

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