Are you cheating?

Why is it when we want to look better we obsess about what we can and can’t eat.

There are a band of people that live for their cheat day just so they can eat or drink whatever they want.

There is little or no focus on WHY it is they are cutting their cheat day food and drink out.

I was reading a blog post the other day about vegetarians and vegetarianism in general, and about how they are so good at sticking to their chosen diet.

Up until about 3 weeks ago not a single piece of meat has passed my lips since 2005 (I had a notion to try fish, one small bite which took me about half an hour to work up to trying, pointless… still don’t want to eat it).

The question is why is it that vegetarians can stick to their diets so well without wanting to ‘cheat’?

It comes down to their VALUES and personal beliefs. Whether it’s about animal welfare / cruelty, environmental issues, or whatever their reason is, they don’t sway.

The values are set.  It’s their belief and they stick to it. It’s not even up for discussion.

Their diet is not based around trying to lose weight or look better naked.

There is not even any temptation.

Why is it then for so many other people who do want to lose weight and look better in the buff that they feel hard done to by giving up certain food that they know makes them feel like shit?

If you missed my email on how to work out what your values are you can read it again here >>> click on the link>>>

Now, I am thinking, if you understand your values, and know WHY you want to look and feel better you won’t feel like you are being hard-done to when you ditch the shit food & drink??

You won’t be relying on willpower to help you resist temptation… There will be no temptation just like for a vegetarian.

The food industry are only interested in 1 thing… Profit. They put food out there with chemicals that they know you will be addicted to so you buy more.

Then they produce the diet version for you to get addicted to while you are trying to lose weight from the other crap that makes you so happy but so unhappy at the same time.

Ever had that reaction to steak and salad? A plate of roast veggies? A bowl of porridge?

No, me neither…

Ever eaten a packet of sweets, got the sugar buzz, then the sicky feeling crash that makes you want more sugar to take the edge of the sugar comedown off?

Yeah, me too…

I know which feeling I prefer and it ain’t the sugar comedown.

Understand and live by your values and use them in all areas of your life.

All of a sudden life gets a whole lot easier.

When you have a dilemma, think about what fits better with your values.

Bingo, decision made.

Just something for you to have a think about if you are struggling with the thought of cutting things out.

It doesn’t need to be about willpower… It can be about your personal values.

Have a good weekend

Jen x






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