Change Starts With You

How many times do you go on a course and get all motivated about changes then get back to work and within an hour motivation is gone, you drop straight back in to your old patterns and state?

It can be the same when you have time off, or have been on holiday, you come back with great ideas of how you are going to make more time for you, for other people then boom, back to ‘reality’ and its forgotten.

What is it that makes it so easy to forget that dream,, the drive to be better, to want more, to live a happier existence but then do nothing about it?

Is it easier just to drop in to the old routine that is okay just not amazing?

Is it fear of change?

Is it fear of the unknown?

Do you not care enough about the promises you make to yourself?

Do they not meet your values?

Do you even understand your values?

Don’t let yourself and others close to you down just because its easier to be the way you were.

Change is good, change creates greatness and it can only start will you. Break the patterns. Change the mindset. Grow to be the better person you promised yourself you would be

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