Change happens outside your comfort zone

Are you in your comfort zone?

Everything in life is nice, its easy.

If it is, bet you are not that happy…

Your job is ok… It pays the bills, but when you wake up you would rather turn over than jump out of bed and rush in to the office.

Your body is ok (or not), you have jiggly bits, bit to get the body you want changes need to happen.

Changes happen outside your comfort zone.

Excitement and happiness is outside your comfort zone.

Recently I finished the last of my uni work. I had to force myself to sit down and do it. Mental, you would think i would be excited to get it finished. I wasn’t… Studying is my comfort zone. Now its done the boat needs to leave the harbor… It is scary. It is exciting. But lets face it, i am not going anywhere if I don’t get off the couch and stop writing essays to get more certificates.

Time to set sail in to the open water…#wisewords #Wilson14

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