Change Direction Any Time

I feel really lucky when I am out and about chatting to people and I get to meet so many inspirational people that are going after their dreams.

Yesterday I told you I was going to tell you about 2 ladies that I met that have just had enough of the life they have been living and are in the very early stages of creating their own business.

One of them has been working in the corporate world for years and has recently started to realise that she just doesn’t fit any more and is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel to get out.

The other has just completed a MA in history and wants to use her passion for history (in particular Mary Queen of Scots).

I am really excited to watch these 2 ladies make their dream a reality and when they have their little plan up and running I will share more of the specifics of their plans with you…

What I really love about these women is they are not willing to accept the path that they originally created for themselves, I don’t want to guess what age they are but they are a little bit older than me and are ready for change.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the path you might have created for yourself might be the right one for you just now and you can be as happy as larry on that path and that is fantastic. What I want you to remember though is you can change any time you like.

We all grown and evolve and change, that is what we are meant to do.

Enjoy the ride


With love

Jen x

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