Challenge Accepted

So some of you are joining me in this sugar free challenge… THANK YOU… Some of you are joining in with the Sunday to Thursday option… THANK YOU… and some of you are opting to do a 7 day run… THANK YOU.

I look forward to hearing how you feel, I will give you a heads up… the first 4 days are tough… get past day 4 and by day 5 you should be feeling energetic, remember to keep dinking lots of water and herbal tea to keep you hydrated.

The focus for December is to finish the year on a high…

If you set resolutions or challenges for yourself at the start of the year, how did you go? How many are you starting the next year with as action plans?

Have a think over the rest of the week and the weekend about your health… Are you where you would like to be? Do you keep good health? When you make your meals is your health a focus when deciding what to eat? How happy are you from day to day? Are your moods pretty stable? Do you get around 8 hours sleep every night?

This is not a diet plan or to get you to lose weight but to get you to pay attention to your health particularly as we are going in to one of the unhealthiest times of year with the parties, snacks, selection boxes, drinking and late nights coming up.

Pay attention for the next few days to just notice where you are at. Maybe take some notes, write a food and drink diary (for just your eyes), write a mood diary (when you wake up, after you eat, energy levels throughout the day, before and after exercise and by the end of the day) to see if there are highs and lows, if there is a particular trigger.

If you have any questions about any of this or if something comes up that you want to discuss, please just hit reply to this or any email and we can arrange a chat or I will answer your question by email.

Jen x


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