Can we learn to be optimistic?

Your choice of words can make all the difference to how you deal with a ‘problem’.

Is it a problem or a challenge?

Is it the end of the road or a diversion?

Have you got to start eating healthy or do you get to start nurturing your body and soul?

Is your glass half empty or half full or is there just room for more?

The chattery voice that runs in our head will have a default way of talking to you and it will mostly come from influences you have learned from growing up.

Can we learn to be more optimistic?

I truly believe that we can. Some will tell you that it’s easy, you just need to flip what you normally think or say and hey presto you have changed.

While there is an element of truth in that, you do just need to make a decision and roll with it, I also understand that it can take time to train your brain to changing these thought processes that you have been using through life so far… Like any other muscle in your body you need to train it for it to learn a new trick and through time and practice it will become unconscious… think about when you first started learning to drive, or started in a new job, or in my case went to a touchscreen phone…

At first you need to think about what you are doing, make conscious decisions and gradually over time it becomes unconscious.

This is exactly the same.

Questions you can ask yourself to give you a moment of time:

What is really going on here?

How can I deal with this in a better way?

This should be enough time to take a couple of big deep breaths, quiet the chatter and let you assess what’s going on and the best way for you in that moment to deal with it.

Take your time,

With love

Jen x




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