Buy Some Blooms

Day 14 Buy yourself blooms

Buy yourself fresh flowers, plants, or herb gardens and get growing.

Some of the best flowers I buy for the house are from the supermarket, Lidl and Aldi do great luxe bouquets for £5 and the last ages (as long as you remember to add more water when they start to dry out).

The bright fresh colours help to brighten up your rooms.  The living plants improve the quality of the oxygen in your room. And the herbs add flavour and nutrients to your salads.

Flowers make most of us happy. Don’t wait for someone else to buy them for you treat yourself. You 100% deserve it.

Managing to grow your own plant or herbs is quite an accomplishment – if you are anything like me, I forget to water them, my mint plant did survive 2 weeks of not being watered when I was on holiday though! I have been told they are pretty hardy plants.

Brighten up your space with some plant life

Jen x




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