Bucket Lists

I remember a couple of years thinking about it because I had pretty much ticked off all the big things that I wanted to accomplish and was kind of stuck with what else I could add to it…

Recently I have been thinking about my bucket list again and this time I sat down and started researching what other people had on theirs for inspiration.

I got out one of my nice notebooks (leather bound, gift from my friend Nicole when she came back from Canada) and started writing my list again… 5 pages later… and I still feel like it’s not finished.

It’s not a brand new list, I included in it the things I had already done so I could tick them off and help me be inspired and motivated to keep going.

Some of the things are small and really easy to do I just need to get my shit together and get it done like go star gazing in the dark zone. And some are more challenging and going to cost a bit of money like volunteering overseas…

Bucket lists should be in line with your dreams and goals, what is it you want to achieve in life? What impact on the world do you want to make? What will make you happy?

Do you have a bucket list? Do you look at it and add to it and tick off the things you have achieved so you remember and feel proud of your achievements?

If you don’t have one, schedule in some time this week to work on it… You can create yours however you want. Google search other peoples to get some ideas and inspiration.

If you haven’t seen it, watch The Bucket List movie, as sad as it is, it is also very funny… I think that movie itself inspired a lot of people to get working on their list now rather than waiting until the end or when they know they have a limited time left…

Without wanting to be morbid on this fine day, we all have a limited time, make the most of every single second.

Have a beautiful day

Jen x

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