On Monday, it is August… can you believe it? Another month is flying past us and we re-start 31 Days Healthier Happier

The progress some of the participants are having is inspirational, we have had jobs being applied for, time being taken out, lists of fears written and the realisation that some are not fears so much as worry and the only reason they are a worry is because of the uncertainty of the outcome.

It is completely free to join and be a part of and gives you a small insight in to what we do through the Warrior Woman Project, it’s the free edition if you like. The paid for edition is a step up where we work directly together and get specific and accountable.

If you haven’t joined already then feel free to join, if you are already in there and think that there are others that would benefit then please add them directly to the group or send them on the link so they can join too.

My favourite day is day 1 – Breathe.

I talk to my Pilates and Indoor Cycling classes, my personal training clients and small group training clients about the importance of breathing.

We spend so much time shallow breathing or holding our breath as we concentrate that we get our stress levels up unnecessarily which can impact how we move, how we react and respond to situations, even the clarity of our thoughts.

Whether you are joining us or not, without changing anything, think about how you breathe right now. Is it shallow and just in to the top of your chest or do you take big deep breaths? Try slowing your breath down, think about allowing your rib cage to expand as you breathe then letting the breath out at a similar slow rate.

Do that for a few breaths and notice how you feel… Calmer, softer, relaxed, clearer… There are so many benefits from breathing. Even if you just take a couple of minutes in the morning when you waken up.

Smooth out your breath and enjoy…

With love

Jen x

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