Breaking it down

On Friday I send out the frequently asked questions about the upcoming workshop on Saturday 5th March, if you missed that you can see it on the blog >>

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

We had another mates date yesterday for Valentines day, a few of us went for dinner and to see Edward Scissorhands as part of the Youth Film Festival. It’s good to spend quality time with your friends.

Another new week… What is your focus this week? Do you have your time, thoughts and actions planned out? We are half way through the month and should be well on our way to achieving this month’s goals.

Don’t worry if you have fallen off track, this reminder is your wake-up call to get you back on track.

I have just completed my 2nd week with no processed or added sugar, the only things I have had have been a few berries in my overnight oats that I had for my packed lunch through the week and a couple of dates stuffed with almonds on days I was out and running about taking classes. My original goal was to complete 7 days, which I did.

When I did this challenge before I had set myself the goal of a whole month and it was tough! Breaking it down to 7 day blocks has been much easier to stick to.

If you have set yourself a goal and are struggling to make it work for you, and you feel overwhelmed by what you are setting yourself to do, break it down in to smaller chunks. Once you get the ball rolling it will get easier.

Let me know if you need any help with it & let’s get you achieving lots

Jen x

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