Bonus Day

Welcome you your bonus day of the year… 29th Feb only happens every 4 years and this year we are going to make it count.

If you are proposing to someone today, please share that fantastic news with me!

If it is your official birthday today, happy birthday!

366 days this year… What will you do with this extra day? If there is one thing that you are thinking about doing but not sure how you will fit it in because you have no time… Taaadaaaaa you just scored an extra 24 hours…

Make it count

Today, being the last day of the month is also time to reflect on the last month. We set some goals at the beginning of the month, how did they go? What did you achieve? What is still to be actioned? What is still in the process of happening?

Enjoy your extra day, have a good one

Jen x

PS this is the last week to get booked in for the Goal Setting workshop, lets work together to overcome your overwhelm and get you unstuck.


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