Becoming your own best friend

That list of yours should be getting pretty impressive right now… How much do you love yourself this week? I hope a whole freaking lot!

This week is about making you happy, appreciating yourself, becoming your own best friend and loving yourself.

When you are in that place all your decisions are much easier to make…

What do I need to do to be happy?

Simple… That is the question you need to be asking yourself, then all you need to do is take action on it and that can be the scary part.

Remember though, your fears are just your thoughts working with your imagination and usually your imagination in overdrive…

Make a decision without over thinking it (Remember my video blog I did with Female Business Hub? I didn’t think about that decision, I just made it).

That is it for today… you are getting off lightly… that doesn’t mean though that you can forget about your list… keep reading it, keep adding to it.

Jen x


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