Are you insane?

“The Definition of insanity is ‘Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”


Some days I think I am insane… We all have insecurities that hold us back, but when we take a step back and look at what it is we are actually doing it’s that face palm moment… You stomp your feet (maybe really, maybe inside your head) and ask yourself ‘why?’


We are not stupid… We know what we need to do to get the result we are after…


You want to look different? You want to feel different? You want to act different?


You will be a yes to at least one of those questions… In some way you want to see a different outcome.


So, on a daily basis how much of your day stays the same?


Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Activity? Work? Catch up with your mum or best friend?


Let’s look at the scenarios individually:


How specifically do you want to look different?


Do you want to be a couple of dress sizes smaller? Do you want to be a bit bigger? Do you want to be more toned? Do you want a Beyoncé Booty?


How specifically do you want to feel different?


Do you want to feel more confident? Do you want to feel calmer? Do you want to feel more energized? Do you want to feel happier?


How specifically do you want to act different?


Do you want to be more in control? More confident? Less in control? More introverted? More extroverted? Speak up for yourself? Take that badass from the boardroom to the bedroom?


What do you need to change to get you 1 step closer to the way you want to be different? When you know more specifically what it is you want to be different it makes the change easier to put in place.


Do you need to plan ahead?


Do you need to learn how to say No?


Do you need to learn how to make more time for yourself?


Are you prepared to make a mistake?


Have you forgiven yourself for past mistakes?


Are you still telling yourself you will with your ready?


To succeed you need to be prepared to make mistakes. Mistakes are good, it’s how you learn, it’s how you grow. Strive for better, not perfection.


What doesn’t help:


Panic, head in the sand, eating shit food, meal replacement shakes or other ‘quick fix’ pills, repeating what you did yesterday.


What does help:


Planning, setting goals, getting help from an expert, getting your head out the sand, eating real and good food, time out to de-stress, doing things for you.


What are you going to do today to start making changes?

Today is the last day that I am taking applications for the Warrior Woman Project starting on Monday, you have the choice to keep being annoyed at yourself for wanting to be different or you can take action and start making that change. The choice is yours; all you need to do is head over to and complete the form. The first stage is a chat with me to make sure that the programme is right for you and you are at the right place in your head for the programme.

Jen x

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