Always a Silver Lining (almost)

In the UK we can get stuck in the negative mind-set, we all have come across people that no matter what you say they have a negative spin on it… Those are the people I start to just say hi to and quickly move on from.

But, sometimes it can be really refreshing to just be honest about how you are doing, not just for you to get something off your chest, but also to hear that other people are in the same boat and you are not treading alone. Sometimes the response that everything is fine can feel like a bit of a lie.

Whether it is your business that needs more clients, or you are struggling with a particular aspect of marketing. Or maybe it’s your weight loss journey, you are finding things tough to get the right foods in, the right amount of exercise and you feel like there are just not enough hours in the day. Or maybe it’s just been a really shit day and you need to offload.

I have a friend who will only very occasionally offload and then quickly apologises for her negative moaning almost immediately after…

I have been guilty in the past of just washing over everything with my positive wand and declaring ‘everything happens for a reason’ ‘no mistakes just lessons’ ‘always a silver lining’ which in pretty much every situation is the case, but sometimes (just sometimes) you can allow yourself to briefly dip in to the self-pity waters, admitting things are tough and then working out how the hell you are going to turn it around.

Reaching out for help, advice, guidance is always the best shout.

I am here, reminding you, offering you that hand if you need it… Anytime and where I can I will help

Happy Thursday

Jen x

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