A Trip To The Country

Day 20 – get in to nature.

We are lucky to have amazing nature here in Scotland, breath taking scenery, rolling green hills, beautiful coastlines.

Get away from the city, for the day or if you can overnight and take some of it in. The natural energy levels in the country are so much calmer than in the city which are good for your natural energy balance levels.

You can get some really good deals on Groupon and Living Social for overnight stays up north or down near the borders.

Within an hour of Glasgow we can get to the beach or to the hills.

The day after the Moonwalk I went to visit my friend Ros down in East Ayrshire, it’s beautiful down there, we ended up taking the dog out a walk, we went down to Lock Doon and then to the Gallaway Forest, being in the country and around nature has a natural calming effect.

Any time I go down south to work, it reminds me of how small Glasgow is and how close everything is. I appreciate that more and more.

Even in the city and close surrounding areas we have loads of parks, some of them very under used.

If you work Monday to Friday and are inside all week, make a plan to get out this weekend. If you work near a park, take the time at lunchtime to get out and go for a walk – if it’s raining make sure you have a brolly and waterproof jacket in preparation for tomorrow.

Even a 10 minute walk in the fresh air does you the world of good.

Getting in to the country is something that has been prescribed to me to help me reduce the stress in my life and help with my digestive system.

It’s something to try.

Jen x

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