A special gift

Day 8 Delegate, this is something I have learned to get better at.

Once you get the hang of it, getting others to do the stuff you don’t like doing or struggle to do is a gift from the time gods.

Things like ironing, I never iron, I don’t even own an ironing board, thankfully none of my clothes need ironed, and if they did I would pay someone else to do it.

Cleaning is not one of my strong points either, I do clean and I like clear surfaces which makes it easier.  I used to have a lady that came to the house once a fortnight and cleaned for me, sadly she gave it up to look after her family and I have never quite got round to looking for another on.  My flatmate Susan is amazing with the hoover though, gets the carpet on the stairs looking like new.

Websites…. Argh! You have no idea how much I hate spending my day at a computer trying to get things on the website to work.  That side of my business is where I am actively seeking someone to take over the tasks that chain me to a desk.

Buying stylish clothes, outside of buying gym gear and vest tops I need help, this task gets delegated to Kirsty, she knows just glancing at an outfit whether or not it will look good on you.

Accounts, another argh… I tried to do my own the first year I was self-employed, I got as far as going to the HMRC website and got stuck with the first couple of questions after my personal details, passed that on to an accountant.

It’s all about knowing your strengths and working with them.

That’s why people employ me, to take the thinking out of their exercise routines, eating plans and personal development. I know the right questions to ask to get you to the answers you need to get you moving in the right direction.

When you have tried and failed or tried and got a wee bit down the road you realise that it is better to delegate some of it to me to help get you there faster and potentially less painfully.

Have a look at your week and your goals. What can you delegate out to make your life work better, free up some of your time and take some of the stress off?

Embrace day 8.

Jen x

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