A month of gratitude

A month of gratitude… Being consciously grateful for things makes you realise how much in your life you actually have. This whole month we are going to focus on being grateful and notice the positive effect it has on our lives.

So, on this Day 1 we are going to write a Self-Love Letter.

Sit down and write a letter to yourself as you are the 3rd person…

Eg. Dear Jen, I am really liking your carefree attitude to your hair these days, the beach babe style is really suiting you (especially as you are lazing about the beach this week).

Etc… you are writing to yourself about yourself. Think of all the things you like about yourself, your skills, talents, good points, achievements. Really dig deep and get everything down that makes you awesome, unique and genuine.

Take a step back from yourself and appreciate how fantastic you actually are.

Write it, read it, put it somewhere safe so you can bring it out again and again to read – especially when you are having one of those shit days when all you feel like you are doing is beating yourself up and want to do is eat cake!

If you have it, use nice paper and a good pen… If you don’t then don’t use that as an excuse to not do the task. You could type it up on your computer or phone so you have it saved electronically but it will be more powerful if you hand write the words.

Don’t think too hard about what you are writing, don’t worry about sounding egotistical, this is for you. No one else needs to read it. It’s all you.

Get writing.

Jen x

PS If you know someone who would benefit from these emails, some gratitude in their life or the Warrior Woman Project then please send them to www.freedomintraining.co.uk to sign up to the emails

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