A Balloon

It’s Friday, you have made it through the week… fantastic

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.”


Now, I am pretty scared of balloon’s so wouldn’t really have them as something that would cheer me up… Saying that, there is something about them that makes me smile (as long as I am at a safe distance and they can’t burst in my face).

There are many other simple things that can cheer us up, it doesn’t need to be a balloon. If you think of the simplicity of the balloon and how much joy and fun it can bring, just like a large cardboard box that the Christmas toys come in.

When we are trying to cheer ourselves up or someone else, sometimes something as simple as a smile, a hello, a hug, a mug of tea can make a big difference to their day…

Keep it simple when someone needs cheered up. Just to know that they are being thought about is likely to be enough.

If you haven’t already started today would be a really good day to start your gratitude journal to help you draw attention to the things you are grateful for that you might have started to take for granted…

Happy Friday

Jen x

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