It’s hard to swallow

One thing us women seem to be masters at in this world is emotional eating… Whether you are overweight or not as soon as the conversation comes up there is a huge show of hands… Yip, I emotional eat, bored, lonely, sad, angry, stressed, happy, confused…

So why does it happen to us?

There is usually a lack of control or power over a situation so instead we fill the gap with food (or alcohol, work or exercise).

Ask yourself – what in your life is it that you cannot control of have power over in your life that you control instead with food?

This is not restricted just to emotional eating, it could also be, binge eating, starvation, over controlled dieting (highly restrictive) etc

Once you become aware of where that lack of power or control is it helps you understand why you emotional eat

Then you can start to address the questions about your life:

When did this food problem start?

What was going on in your life that could have triggered it?

How were you before that?

What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t have X problem?

Does having the problem mean that people give you attention, so you have significance?

When your problem goes away what do you not get anymore?

What gap is being filled by having this problem?

What do you fill the gap with? food, alcohol, work, exercise?

Now for a Friday these questions are big time thought provoking… but you have a whole weekend to work on them and work out what is going on in that pretty little head of yours.

Let’s try to have a weekend of dealing with our shit rather than eating it back down.

Jen x




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