People come and go for a reason

‘There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life, or your the one that will change theirs’
People come and go from your life every day. From your family, friends, to the person who served you your coffee on route to work.
Sometimes people come in to your life and you think they are going to be there forever, then they are not. They have been there, the purpose was served now they have moved on and left a space for someone else to fill.
When someone does leave, whether its been a fall out, death, or they have just drifted away, take notice of the people that start to appear more prominently in your life.
They more than fill that gap. They enhance it. You enhance their life. Lots of things get even better.
I don’t believe people are put in to your life to cause hurt or sadness but joy, happiness and to teach you lessons and show you your internal strength and resilience.
Embrace the time you have with everyone, don’t take anyone or time for granted #wisewords #freedomintraining
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