Small changes, big results

Don’t try and overhaul your life overnight.

Make small changes.

Over time and change will lead to a big transformation.

Don’t give up.

This is something we look at in my daily emails.

How to decide what you need to change, how to work out the steps to take you there, why it sometimes doesn’t happen, how to get over those hurdles…

Think about a time you have wanted to change something. Maybe your diet. You go out buy a whole supply of new, healthy foods.

This time you are going to do it.

Maybe it lasts a week or 2.

Then you start to get stressed or have cravings for foods you used to eat. Then you have cake, then chocolate, then crisps, sweets, bread pie, ice cream, wine, beer, shots…

Before you know it a full blown binge, game over and you feel like you have failed. You think what’s the point, and revert back to your old eating habits.

There are ways round it. Making small changes is just one of the ways to get success.

Small changes, baby steps, big results #wisewords.#freedomintraining 

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