My Plan

I get excited when I have a programme or process to follow and although it is only 15th November I am going to start working through a programme with you from now until the end of the year… yes you read that right.

We are on countdown to getting our heads in to a clearer space. My recommendation is to hook yourself up with a notepad or a word doc or new note in your phone that you can just use for these emails.

Every day from now to the end of the year I am going to ask you a question to have a think about and I want you to write your responses in the notebook or document.

This is an exploration of who you are and what you want going forward.

We start tomorrow so you have time to get yourself sorted with that notepad

With love

Jen x

Quiet and Clear

I really do enjoy when I am writing and I feel like I have a good sequence of emails… Today’s follows on nicely to yesterday’s silence in the car email (still don’t know what this unease is).

How do you feel when your world feels cluttered and busy? This can be your house, your work space, your life, your head…

For most of us it is unsettling and there is a good chance that your work and life will feel a bit off balance.

People talk about a spring clean… I like a good old gut the place as soon as my world doesn’t feel quite right…

I was at a web summit in Lisbon this week and there were lots of companies there who get access to your details and automatically add you to their mailing list… I am spending a lot of time unsubscribing.

Let’s look at the area’s you can spring clean:

Your inbox – unsubscribe from any email lists that you usually hit delete before opening, they will keep cluttering up your inbox otherwise. Unsubscribe from any that you do open but don’t get anything from (this includes my emails). Any unread emails that you have been holding for more than 2 weeks with the promise to yourself that you will read them when you have time to catch up – delete them all.

Your house – pick 1 room at a time, 1 drawer at a time. If you don’t use it, need it or love it chuck it / sell it / donate it.

Your mind – practice your breathing technique where you focus on your breath, each time you catch yourself and your thoughts drifting off be aware of it, don’t get annoyed or caught up, bring your attention back to your breath. Really simple meditation technique. The more you practice this, the easier it gets, just like training a muscle in the gym, at first it’s tough and it hurts, then it gets a bit easier and stronger.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

When your world feels too noisy we need to clear out the crap, declutter, unsubscribe, make your space clearer, quieter, and make it yours.

To get things done you should feel inspired and motivated.

Do what you need to so you can bring things in to line for you.

With organised quiet love

Jen x

Getting Comfortable…

I had an interesting experience in the car the other day. The podcast I was listening to had finished and the radio didn’t click on and I suddenly realised that I felt really uneasy about being in the car in silence.

Usually, unconsciously I would just switch the radio on and not think anything of it but because I have been listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos to challenge and develop my ways of thinking and working I became really aware of a feeling on anxiety in my stomach.

I haven’t yet worked out why I feel this way because I potter about the house all the time with no sound and am very comfortable in my own company…

What I did feel myself being drawn to though was the need to feel this discomfort. I have Marisa Peer ringing in my ears with the ‘get familiar with the unfamiliar and unfamiliar with the familiar’.

I am going to play with this some more, it’s mostly only short journeys that I do but I will keep you posted on any findings…

What I would like you to do is notice if you find something uncomfortable and see if you can allow yourself to sit with that discomfort for a while to work out what it is… Just to be clear I don’t mean holding in the toilet, that is just dangerous and I don’t want to be blamed for any infections caused by that. I do mean emotional discomfort…

Let me know how you get on…

With Love

Jen x