Saturday Kitchen

The last couple of weeks I have been trying to increase my fat intake. I have for no particular reason always eaten a low fat diet. Every day I have added an avocado in to my days food (mostly in smoothies because that is the easiest way for me to take them) and I have found that my energy has been better and my belly fat lower.

This is one of the nicest smoothies I have encountered in a while

Juice 1 lemon and 2 apples

In a blender add the juice you just made with a whole avocado and blend it up.

Delicious is all I have to say.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Enjoy with love

Jen x

Last Friday of the Month

Last Friday of the month… think back over your goals at the start of the month, did you achieve everything you wanted? Are some things still a work in progress? Do you need to reconsider if they are actually the right goals for you?

Every end of month we take this time to review and start planning for the following month. Monday is the 1st so you have the whole weekend to think, plan, organise and get ready to roll in to the new month.

I have been getting some requests about doing a Warrior Woman Project Retreat, a weekend taking time away from your real life to just purely work on you. I have had this idea on my vision board this year and now that other people are starting to ask I am hearing the universe and it is time to take it off the vision board and make it a reality.

That’s the thing about vision boards and goal lists… You still need to take some action to make them happen.

What action do you need to take to make your list happen?

With love

Jen x


On Monday, it is August… can you believe it? Another month is flying past us and we re-start 31 Days Healthier Happier

The progress some of the participants are having is inspirational, we have had jobs being applied for, time being taken out, lists of fears written and the realisation that some are not fears so much as worry and the only reason they are a worry is because of the uncertainty of the outcome.

It is completely free to join and be a part of and gives you a small insight in to what we do through the Warrior Woman Project, it’s the free edition if you like. The paid for edition is a step up where we work directly together and get specific and accountable.

If you haven’t joined already then feel free to join, if you are already in there and think that there are others that would benefit then please add them directly to the group or send them on the link so they can join too.

My favourite day is day 1 – Breathe.

I talk to my Pilates and Indoor Cycling classes, my personal training clients and small group training clients about the importance of breathing.

We spend so much time shallow breathing or holding our breath as we concentrate that we get our stress levels up unnecessarily which can impact how we move, how we react and respond to situations, even the clarity of our thoughts.

Whether you are joining us or not, without changing anything, think about how you breathe right now. Is it shallow and just in to the top of your chest or do you take big deep breaths? Try slowing your breath down, think about allowing your rib cage to expand as you breathe then letting the breath out at a similar slow rate.

Do that for a few breaths and notice how you feel… Calmer, softer, relaxed, clearer… There are so many benefits from breathing. Even if you just take a couple of minutes in the morning when you waken up.

Smooth out your breath and enjoy…

With love

Jen x

Listen Carefully

‘The most confused we get is when we try to convince our heads of something our hearts know is a lie’ ~ Karen Moning

Having faith in listening to our hearts takes practice, patience and courage.

It’s not easy, if it was easy then we wouldn’t even need to discuss it, we would just do it. As kids it’s something that we do instinctively, then at some point we start to doubt ourselves and maybe we make a mistake and someone laughs and we get embarrassed and then we start to question what we are doing.

We let our ego get in the way and then we start to let that rule us rather than our hearts.

Yesterday I was talking to you about not being perfect all the time; our ego wants us to be perfect, our heart wants us to be happy.

To listen to our heart we need to ignore our ego.

Maybe you make a decision because it’s what feels right for you but other people disagree… do you change your mind for them or do you stick with what you want?

When we change our mind often there will be a feeling that doesn’t feel right, things feel out of place, your heart might feel heavy…

Sometimes we will be so well practiced that we can ignore our hearts and for a while it will be okay, but then life will start to unravel, things won’t fit in to place, we will feel down, or stressed or off balance…

Taking time out to breathe, learn to listen to our heart and go with that is worth it in the long run.

Your decisions won’t always be popular and only your ego will care your heart will know what’s right…

Following your heart is something that we encourage and work towards in the Warrior Woman Project. If it’s something you need help and guidance with, listen to your heart and get signed up

You are worth it

With love

Jen x

It’s okay not to be perfect

It’s okay to not be perfect…

I hear you taking a breath… It makes me feel uncomfortable too… Not be perfect?? Are you kidding me?

I was brought up to be perfectly quiet and well behaved – yes there is a big bit of rebel in my soul, I don’t like to be the same as everyone else, but I was always scared to let people down and of getting in to trouble, which was probably a good thing as I was going through my teenage years.

When we let go of the need to be perfect, we get to live, we get to grow, we learn, we develop, we become resilient, and we set an example for anyone who looks to us for inspiration, motivation and teaching.

One of my many fears going through my divorce was that people would look at me and think there was something wrong with me, that I was a bad person or not good enough. I wasn’t the perfect wife, I always did my best but I am not a perfect person either.

We all make mistakes, we all face challenges that we don’t know how to deal with and when we look back at many situations we know that if we were ever in that situation we would do it differently.

That is fine, but what we need to remember is we can only deal with situations as we find them there and then with the knowledge that we have.

To who’s standards are we perfect or not perfect?

It’s okay to get it wrong.
It’s okay that it didn’t work out how we want it to or think that it should.
It’s okay that we failed.
It’s okay, we did the best we could at that moment in time.
It’s okay, it’s not the end of the world.

What’s not okay is not even making an attempt, staying in our bubble of safety, not being vulnerable, not putting ourselves on the line.

If everything is safe all the time we don’t grow, we don’t learn what we really need and want…

Go surprise the fuck out of yourself and do something you don’t know if you will be able to do.

Fail at something and see that you survive.

It’s okay not to be perfect…

Ask yourself if you are doing the best you can right now with the knowledge and skills that you have.

Let go

With love

Jen x

Energizer Bunny

Last Friday I made the mistake of staying in and doing nothing… For the first couple of hours it was okay, I read some of a couple of my books, I had a leisurely breakfast… then I got bored.

For some people that kind of day would be absolute bliss but for me it was torture… The thought of a chilled day doing nothing is more appealing than the reality of it.

People moan at me that I need to slow down and take time out… That is fine if you feel re-energized by that.

For others being active and keeping busy does let us re-energize.

We are all different and we need to do what is right for us.

Introverted people get their energy by taking time out and being alone, being around people can really drain their energy. Likewise with extroverted people, being on their own is their drain and they need to be social to get back on form.

We really can’t tell others what they should be doing with their down time.

Your down time is your down time. Do with it what makes you feel happy and energized.

Have a happy Friday

With energized love

Jen x

Feet reading, palmistry, astrological charts

I had an interesting conversation the other week with someone who asked me why I wore toe rings…

My answer was obvious to me, the look pretty and I have worn them for years (about 18 years now).

New information was given to me… feet can be read just like palms. This really got my interest and I started doing my own research online and I even bought a book on it (I love getting geeky like that).

Your feet do in fact tell a lot about your past and present (there are not future predictions here), I am getting a bit obsessed with it and want to know more…

I totally buy in to the fact that your hands, feet, your whole body is connected to your mind and we are connected to the universe through our stars and astrological signs and that it all plays a part in our personality.

I don’t buy in to future readings though, I (personally) believe that future readings are very much based on where you are in your life right now and you can change your direction and path at any time you choose to.

Anyway, there was a suggestion that the toe rings could be blocking things both from my past and in my present time, so me being me wanted to do a bit of an experiment.

I have taken the toe rings off.

Every night since then I have had dreams, dreams that seem mad and totally unrelated, however, again me being me I have been looking up the dreams and every one of them has had an important message…

There might just be something in this.

I miss my toe rings, they were pretty and I have tan lines where they were but right now I don’t want to put them back on until I have more answers…

Maybe it’s just a placebo effect, maybe it’s not… I will keep you updated on this progress.

I would love to know if you have any information or suggested further reading on any of this?

With love

Jen x

PS Are you still pondering over your excuses?

What’s your excuse?

What’s your excuse?

I often have conversations with women who want to improve their health, happiness, fitness and want to sign up for the Warrior Woman Project, but they always have an excuse or a roadblock that stops them from moving forward.

‘I would love to, but I just don’t have time with my work / family / busy social calendar’

‘I would love to but I am not fit enough to come to class’

‘I would love to but I just can’t afford it’

‘I would love to but I have this thing coming up, then this other thing and then there might be this other thing…’

‘I need to start working on myself, but I am scared of what I might uncover’

We all have our own excuse that we totally believe in and stand by, we believe in it so much that we get defensive if anyone challenges it or offers a solution…

There will be a period of time that you can use your excuse, when we move from the pre-contemplation stage (when we start to realise that there may be something that we want to change) to the contemplation stage (when we start to investigate what can be done) we need some time to adjust.

There are no that many of us that wake up, think ‘shit this is a problem, lets fix it’, well some things we can and will be like that, but these things are generally when we are not emotionally involved in them.

What blocks do you put in your own way?

What needs to change to remove those blocks and get you what you want?

What will make you want the change more than being stuck where you are?

What fear do you need to get over to sign up and start working on improving yourself?

If it’s a few questions that you have, get in touch and we can have a conversation. I often go for tea with potential new clients to discuss where they are at and what we will do to help them move forward. It’s not as scary as you might think.

Problems are generally not as big as you are creating in your head and taking a step back to see them from a different light can really give you a lightbulb moment (or many as one of my clients is experiencing just now on a daily basis).

You will never be made to do anything that you can’t or don’t want to.

You will have your excuses blown out of the water or at the very least a way to navigate around them.

Sign up or get in contact about having a chat today

Let me help you…

With love

Jen x

Are you ready to make the change?

Yesterday I challenged you to identify how much you rely on external distractions in particular the draw of social media…

How did that go?

How did it make you feel?

How do you feel?

Is there anything you need to do to change?

For everyone it is going to be different, some of you won’t have that addiction, some of you will maybe be annoyed with yourself and how much time you waste when you could be doing other things…

If you feel like it is a problem that you want to address there are a few things that you can do to help break the cycle:

Leave your phone / table in another room

Delete the apps off your device

Set an allocated time that you use it and be disciplined that these are the times you use it only

Find other distractions that are more productive and start to filter them in to your time instead.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Block the sites and apps from your devices (there are some apps that will allow you to do that for certain times of the day like Cold Turkey).

We live in times where it seems to be acceptable that being on your phone 24/7 is the norm, just for your information, it is also linked to postural problems (how is your neck and back), depression and anxiety. Sitting in the forward position with your head down triggers chemical reactions in the body that are linked to depression and when all we see is beautiful images of others having fun and we are constantly thinking ‘that’s not me, I want their life’ then we start to get ourselves stressed and worry about the fact we are not living that exciting life.

Are you ready to make the change?

With love

Jen x


Today I Will Be A Better Friend

‘Today I will be a better friend to myself… ‘

These are the words from day 67 in A Year of Miracles by Marianne Williamson and they really made me stop and think.

We have the power to be our own worst enemy and also our own best friend.

We have the choice to beat ourselves down and think we are not worthy of anything or we can pick ourselves up and love, care, cherish ourselves to be worthy of everything.

We know the ins and outs of our journey and story, we know the struggles and the successes and for some reason for many of us we are happier to be the struggle rather than the success.

So, things didn’t work out how you planned or hoped but they did take a turn in some direction and whatever the direction, make the most of that and find a way to make it work for you.

When we accept the challenges we face and overcome and realise that we will get further and be happier if we do it from a place of self-support ‘yes, I can get through this’ rather than ‘yes, you failed again’ we make friends with ourselves.

Think about how you speak to your best friend, do you speak to yourself in that same way?Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

If a friend was to say that she felt fat or uncomfortable, would you offer a compliment to make her feel better? If you think the same about yourself, what do you tell yourself?

Are you ready to be a better friend to yourself?

Something to be aware of and consider…

With love

Jen x

You can learn to be a better friend to yourself by understanding yourself better at the Warrior Woman Project…