List, prioritise, organise

Last day of the month, yesterday we were looking at how far we have come this month, the progress we have made, acknowledging the success and acknowledging our distractions.

Now it is time to start thinking and planning out what we want from July. What is important for you to get sorted and organised this month?

Maybe you are getting away on holiday and you have work that needs to be done before you go so you can switch off, maybe you need to buy in clothes and sunscreen and get packed ready to leave.

Maybe you want to get a business idea up and running so it is good to go when you get back your holidays.

Maybe you are not going on holiday this month and are looking forward to watching the tennis or other sporting events that are on over the summer.

Do you have kids that are about to need to be entertained of the next month because they are not at school?

Today we want to be thinking about the next few weeks and getting our shit together and organised.

Get your list written out and prioritise it in order of what is important to you. Work out what help and resources you need to make it successful and source them. The sooner you get that done, the sooner you can be productive.

This month I plan on working on my website to make sure that all pages work, make sense and do what they are supposed to and then get feedback on them.

Get planning and lets have a successful summer.

With love

Jen x

PS Time is ticking… if health and happiness is on that list…

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2nd last day of the month and as I have been doing every month this year I am asking you to look back over what you wanted to get out of this month just gone.

Did we progress or stall?

I have had a mixed month, I have got through a lot of stuff but I also feel behind on a lot too… Today I am flying out to Greece for my best friend’s wedding. I am flying out of Liverpool so I have a 3 hour train journey and a 4 hour flight to get some things done, and making the most of not having any internet to distract me.

It is important when we are struggling to get through things to know what it is that is holding us back and how we can get round these road blocks.

There is usually a mix of the internet being a rabbit hole of distraction and we lose hours with the just one more post, just one more click (I am pretty sure that’s not just me lol).

We need to find ways of getting away from the distractions and getting in to a focused, motivating space. One of the things I have also done is taken on desk space in an office in Glasgow. Starting next week for 4 hours a week I will have somewhere to go where there are other entrepreneurs and business owners working on their stuff. I am confident that the environment will help me be more productive than being in the house where there is washings and cleaning to be done.

What are your main distractions?

How do you get away from them?

How can you get in to a more motivating environment?

Maybe you need someone to hold you accountable.

My friend and flatmate recently sent me a list of her goals with deadline dates on them which I saved on my phone and every now and again would message her to find out how she was getting on. She sent them to me intentionally because she knew that I would follow up.

When I work with my clients we discuss what it is they want in terms of goals, some of them just for the day, some week, month or even year, depending where they are in their own head and I follow them up. It’s all part of the coaching that I offer.

Anytime I have worked with a coach that has been part of the deal. The very thought that someone else knows what it is that you are needing to do and what you said you want to do helps keep you on track.

This would be the only time where your need to people please can be a benefit to you.

Where are you this month? How much of your list can you tick off? Are you remembering to celebrate or congratulate and be pleased and proud of your achievements? Acknowledging your progress is as important as making the progress itself.

Celebrate the small stuff, work out your distractions and start to get ready for tomorrow’s planning for the next month.

With love

Jen x

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It’s okay you know

I got quite a lot of feedback from yesterday’s email with people asking if I was reading their minds… I don’t know that I am reading minds so much as seeing things that resonate and being inspired to write about it.

People pleasing over pleasing ourselves seems to be something that we all struggle with a lot.

I had a few conversations at the end of last week after the EU referendum with people concerned that they had voted one way or another and how the people around them were making them feel.

Social media (as it always does) bought out the negative in a lot of people with the result, along with a lot of confusion.

Regardless of how you vote in anything in life, the choices you make, the job you do, the team you support, the clothes you wear, how you style your hair etc. it is your choice.

We live in a democracy with a freedom to choose, think and speak and that right is the same for all of us.

If someone falls out with you over your choice then you have to question your friendship. You should be able to, if you both wish to, you can enter in to a discussion voicing your reason for choice, keeping in mind respect for that other person and their right to their own opinion.

The challenge can arise if it comes to light that the other persons values are really out of line with your own (just for example and only because it seems to be banded about a lot just now, you discover that they are racist) and that really doesn’t sit well with you. It can change how you view someone and you may wish to start distancing yourself from them, and that is okay to do.

I have talked to you before about relationships and how for a while they may fit, but things can change, more information is uncovered over time and maybe it just doesn’t work anymore.

That’s okay.

We need to learn to let people go, to make room for the people that are meant to be there so we can continue to learn and grow (and ending or moving away from unhealthy relationships is part of that learning and growth curve).

Are you making yourself a prisoner in your own life?

Happy Tuesday

With love


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What Will I Do?

It is Funday Friday… The last few weeks I pre planned what I was going to get up to on this day off and this time I have decided to make no plan, I am going to wake up and do what my heart tells me…

As someone who likes to make an outline of a plan at the very least this is quite a challenge for me just waiting to see and being spontaneous…

The question I will be asking myself:

‘What will make me happy today?’

My question to you:

What will make you happy today?

Have a happy Friday and happy weekend

With love

Jen x

PS I am going to remind you every single day until the event…

When? Tue 5th July 630pm

Where? Venue TBC, Glasgow city centre

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Be you… Or whoever

The next stage in this weeks flow of letting go, being honest, passionate or curious takes me to being yourself…

Many of you may have already read my post in the past about the worst advice ever ‘just be yourself’ – WHO THE HELL AM I?? That was always my question…

Something that I do early in the Warrior Woman Project is look at people’s values and help them establish what makes them tick and get a better understanding of who they are and what sits right with them ( ).

There are a lot of coaches around just now, that might just be on my radar as I follow quite a lot of them for various reasons and I am fascinated and intrigued by the many coaching programmes out there that give you scripts in how to talk to men, how to sell your business, how to make friends, what you should say in every situation to win at life.

While they are selling you all these scripts they are also telling you ‘be your authentic self’ ‘do this to be happy, do that to win them over, be this person’…. Blah blah blah…

It confuses me that in one sentence they are scripting you so you don’t fail at life while in the next sentence telling you to ‘just be yourself’.

Some of the advice that they give is excellent and allows you to review how you have approached situations in the past, why they may have not worked and how better to approach them in the future, my issue with the scripting is the content may be perfect for one or two responses, but what about the rest of the conversation?

When you get and understand your values, it then helps you make better judgement and decisions when you are responding to people no matter what the situation and it also allows you to let go when things don’t work out in what you think to be your favour… If the guy doesn’t call you back it’s better to know after one date than 10. If the customer doesn’t buy today, it doesn’t mean they won’t ever buy, it just means they are not ready just yet…

On that note I am going to let you enjoy the rest of your day… Remember to vote in the European Referendum… At this moment in time I am still an undecided vote…

With love, be you…

Jen x

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Last Chance Saloon

I don’t usually email you on a Sunday, but today is your last chance to bag yourself a half-price ticket for the workshop on Tue 5th July 630pm – 830pm.

If you have been thinking about it or meaning to get booked up, now is the time to get organised…

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With love as always

Jen x

Saturday Kitchen

I just don’t make this often enough…


Raw Caramel Slice


1 cup almonds (soaked for 1 hour)

1 cup dates

In food processor blitz until it looks like broken biscuits then press in to the base of a small tin. I used a 5” x 4” tinfoil tray.


1 cup cashews (soaked for 1 hour)

½ cup coconut oil (heated just till runny)

½ cup pure maple syrup

2 tablespoons tahini

2 dates

1 tablespoon water

In food processor blitz until smooth and runny then pour on base.


½ cup coconut oil

¼ cup cocoa

¼ cup pure maple syrup

Heat the coconut oil till runny add maple syrup and cocoa powder mix well until smooth. Pour over the top.

Cover and put in the freezer for at least an hour before cutting up.

I cut this up in to 1” square pieces and keep in the freezer.


Tomorrow is the closing day for your half price ticket for the workshop. Healthier and happier… ^^^^ this is the kind of healthy and happy we get to have.

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With weekend love

Jen x


Go On…

Now that we are right in to the 2nd half of the year I want you to really think about something epic that you can do over the weekend, something that maybe you have been putting off for ages, something on your bucket list…

Go on… do it J

With love

Jen x

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Welcome to the 2nd half

We have just hit the half way mark of the 6th month of the year… that means holy moly we are 50% in to the year…

At the start of the month as always we reviewed the previous month and started to think about what we wanted for this month. I even looked out my year goals to check I was on track and there was 1 that I was just short of hitting.

I had written at the start of the year that by the end of July I wanted to have hosted 4 workshops, and in May I hosted the 3rd one but didn’t think I was going to make a 4th one coming in to summer…

BUT, with the success of the 31 days Healthier Happier group that I have been running on Facebook I have decided to hold the 4th workshop, this time on a Tuesday evening. Tuesday 5th July 630pm-830pm, it will be a city centre location with the venue to be confirmed once I have a better idea of numbers.

For the members of the group I am offering them a space on the workshop for just £10 and they can bring a friend for £5, I am extending this offer to you my loyal email & blog readers if you book by the end of this week, Sunday 19th June 5pm the offer ends and the price goes up to £20 so don’t miss out on your special offer price.

To book your space all you need to do is click on the link below and make your payment. One option is if you are bringing a friend for £5 and the other is if you are flying solo and joining us alone.

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Feedback from previous workshops:

I would like to say a massive thank you to Jen Wilson. Her advice and encouragement is what I needed to give me a push into doing something I have been putting off for a long time, and now I can’t finally say I am going to teach in China! I attended Jens goal setting workshop (thank youSarah) 😊 and found it so motivating. Thank you for being a wonderful positive person!! Lots of love!! Xxx’ – Harriot, now away living the dream that has made her happy

A must for those wanting to learn more about personal development or that just need that kick up the butt to go and get what the heart desires. Jen’s workshop allows you to explore what’s holding you back and arms you with a toolkit to overcome these issues. Would highly recommend!’ – Silvia, now taking more time to do the things that make her happier.

If you are ready to feel healthier and happier then you really should join us and make yourself happier by bagging a discount.

Have an awesome day and start of the 2nd half of the year

Jen x

It’s okay to change your mind

It’s okay to change your mind…

I had a conversation with a client recently who was going through some struggles like we all do from time to time.

They were changing their mind about what they wanted from life. Their career wasn’t rewarding anymore, there was no real connection to the circle of friends and they didn’t feel they fitted anymore and their relationship had been going through the motions purely out of habit.

Stuck and lost was how they felt.

It brings to mind the Alice in Wonderland quote:

Alice: how long is forever?

White Rabbit: Sometimes just one second’

When we feel stuck and lost it can feel like it’s been forever. It can feel like forever ago that we were once happy in our situation and it can feel like it will take forever to get it all sorted.

If forever is sometimes just one second that second can be the difference of making the decision to change.

What that change is, is entirely up to you. What the change needs to be is something that will make you ultimately happier.

I have been in the situation described at the start, that was me 6 years ago, it has been my friends, clients, people I know many times over the years. It doesn’t all have to be at once. Sometimes there will be one area that is out of whack while the rest is awesome.

The biggest fear for most people comes from what if I make the wrong decision? Or, but I made a commitment/ promise/ contract/ pinkie swear that things would always be this way…

The problem (or not problem but fact) is we all change, we all grow, we all have our own path and what fits one day might not fit the next.

All we can do is be honest, do our best and know that it is okay to change our minds about what we want and what makes us happy.

Remember, not making a decision to change is still making a decision…

With love

Jen x