Review & Plan

Last day of the month is more reflection and forward planning. I hope you took me up on my challenge yesterday and ticked something you have been avoiding off.

Now we review in more detail where we are and where we want to be going as we move forward in to April.

What do you want to have achieved? What needs to be done to get you there?

Start creating your list, break it down in to simple steps that don’t overwhelm you. Little things that you can take action of every single day to move you towards whatever it is you dream of doing or being.

If you have a vision board, update it, move things around on it, remind yourself what it is you want, refresh those goals in your head.

Visualise you doing / being that dream or goal (just the end result, not the journey it takes you to get there, those details are not important in the final image).

I want this to be your best year to date. If it has started off on a rocky path, that is past, deal with today and now (remember from last week staying present in today and in your moment) be with right now.

Have a fantastic final day of March

Jen x

It took me a year

Woosh… it’s nearly the end of the month already…

Today, following on from yesterday’s reflection on your time out, we are going to start reflecting on where you are for the month.

Get out your To Do list or goals for the month and have a look, what still needs to be actioned?

How far have you come?

Have you remembered to congratulate yourself for your achievements? Is there any last minute actions you need to take so you feel better about tomorrow’s task?

Last week I finally got round to completing a couple of online courses that I had read all the theory and had answered the questions I just hadn’t got round to getting online to complete them… ONE YEAR later and they are now complete! For one year they had been getting moved from one month’s list to the next. You have no idea how pleased with myself I was for actually getting them done – that sense of achievement could have been achieved so much sooner if I had just completed them back at the time. There is also a good chance that I would have completed even more of them…

The lesson here and the challenge to you:

The thing you have been pushing back the most. Make it happen before the month is out.

Challenging you to be better

Jen x

Time Out

I am on a plane to Malta as you read this. I am not someone who counts down to my holidays but I have been looking forward to this one a lot. Not just because I am going to a music festival but I am in need of a break.

Last year I made the mistake of taking 2 weeks in June/July and had no other holidays / proper time off. This year I have things spaced out much better, Malta this week, Rhodes for Lisa’s wedding in July, London with my mum for the weekend at the end of September and Lisbon for a work conference/holiday in November.

If you are employed you will have an allocated number of days to take off and if you are anything like I was you will have them planned and spaced out at the earliest convenience to make sure you get the dates you want.

If you are self-employed you are possibly like I have been and forget or don’t pre plan time off.

I am pretty sure I go on quite a lot to you about the importance of time off, relaxation time and complete breaks from your regular routine. You NEED these to enjoy all the hard work you put in the rest of the year.

We work to live, not live to work and when we get that the wrong way round we burnout (lose the mojo, drag our asses through the days, get ill, feel exhausted, don’t see the point, maybe even start to feel depressed).

Have a quick check in with yourself and your planning… have you allocated your down time regularly? Do you actually switch off as much as possible on your days off? What can you do to start improving this?

Let’s start working on improving your time out…

With love

Jen x


Early Riser

Happy Easter Monday, some of you may have the luxury of a day off this fine bank holiday, if you do I hope you are either doing something totally fun or totally chilled.

We had the clocks change this weekend too which meant that we got an hour less in bed BUT the days are noticeably getting longer (sorry southern hemisphere peeps, you are on your way to the season we have just left).

It is now so much easier to be getting up and getting things done early in the morning. I am a 530am riser anyway and start my working day then, I started getting up at that time during winter months which has now made it even easier to get up.

I am often asked how I manage to get up at that time… Have an alarm clock at the other side of the room so that you have to get up out of bed to switch it off… As soon as your feet hit the floor your brain knows it is getting up time and wakens the body up properly. If you stay under the covers and hit snooze you won’t waken up properly and you will feel groggy… I know this from experience.

The best thing about getting up and getting stuff done at that time? There are very few distractions, emails don’t start coming through until 7/730am, people are not responding to social media posts until a bit later, meditation first thing in the morning allows your brain to settle and complete it’s reset before the business of the day gets in the way and a little bit of yoga wakens the body and helps open up all your channels.

I didn’t just set my alarm from 645am to 530am, I worked back in 15minute slots letting myself get used to the change gradually. The thought of 530am used to make me feel grumpy, now it doesn’t even seem like an early time at all…

Yeah, you will have to start going to bed a bit earlier at night too…

It’s all in the name of your health, happiness and productivity, and people that have kids tell me it’s great how much they get done before the family gets up and under their feet…

Happy Monday

Jen x

Saturday Kitchen

Easter Saturday is a day for hot cross buns and lots of tea… I won’t be having any hot cross buns this year, I have been off processed sugar now for nearly 8 weeks in preparation for my holiday (I leave on Tuesday), don’t worry  I have pre written all my emails and the lovely Ana has made sure that everything is loaded up and ready to send out to you.

Keeping in mind most people over indulge at the Easter weekend I think it is appropriate to offer you a juice recipe that will retox and kickstart your detox to limit the damage you might do with the chocolate indulgence that may happen over the next couple of days…

Retox Detox Juice









There is a bit of sweetness in it, but the digestive enzymes will help boost and clear out the nasty stuff.


Have a lovely weekend

Jen x

Sharing is caring

I may or may not have told you about a kind of chain mail, social experiment,  uplifting exchange that I was involved in where you received an email, copied and pasted it on to 20 people in your contacts list and sent the person who’s name was on the email your favourite quote, poem, saying or meditation that has had an impact on your life. In return you then randomly receive quotes and poems etc shared to you by complete strangers. It has been really lovely over the last few weeks to get these sent in and I thought I would share this particular one that I really liked and thought fitted well in to this weeks emails:

This life is Yours


Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well

Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly

Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature

Take the power to control your own life

No one else can do it for you

Nothing is too good for you

You deserve the best

Take the power to make your life




And very happy


Remember, today is funday Friday so do something fun or plan something for the next couple of days (it is the holiday weekend after all)


With love


Jen x



Grateful in April (Yes I’m already thinking about April)

You know I like to encourage you to do gratitude journals and be aware of what you are grateful for because the more you look for things you are grateful for the more you realise how rich and full your life is… Those of you who already do this know, understand and feel the benefits of daily gratitude.

If you have been following my blog or emails for a long time you may remember me talking about this last year or have maybe seen me post about it in previous years.

The #GratefulInApril campaign. My friend Melina at M.A.D Woman over in Melbourne, Australia has been running this campaign for about 5 years now and each year it grows a bit more. This year though we want to share it with as many people as possible to spread the word to every corner of the world.

What I need you to do (pretty please)

  1. Head over to and sign up to the campaign (you will get 1 email a day for the month of April to help you with gratitude).
  2. Follow us on facebook
  3. Follow us on twitter @gratefulinapril
  4. Follow us on Instagram @GratefulInApril
  5. Get involved with the community using the hashtag #GratefulInApril in your tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts
  6. Post a picture of you showing us what you are grateful for – write it on a sheet of paper, a whiteboard, flipchart, chalk board – include your name, age, where you are from and share it on one or all of the social media platforms
  7. Share this with your social network, your email groups, work colleagues, friends, family. The more people that get involved, the more people that benefit from gratitude and a happier life.

If you have been thinking that you really must start doing this gratitude thing that I am always banging on about why not make it easier and get involved with the inspirational campaign.


Have a grateful day

Jen x

She did it…

If you only do 1 important thing today, make it something that makes you feel really happy…

It might be talking with someone that makes you laugh, or eating your favourite meal / cake / drinking your favourite wine, or it might be treating yourself to a new outfit / massage / facial / manicure or it might be ticking off a task from your to do list.

One of the girls I was recently working with messaged me yesterday to let me know she had finally handed in her notice at work to pursue her own business. Over the last few months she has been putting things in to place to get it up and running (website, social media, pricing structure etc) and now she is on her way out in to the big bad world of self-employment.

That made her REALLY happy.

We have a whole week left of this first quarter of the year… Spring is nearly upon us (autumn for those of you in the southern hemisphere) and time is just zipping by and I really hope that you are moving in the right direction…

Remember, if you are stuck and not moving forward, that is what I created the Warrior Woman Project for, to help you get unstuck and start living each day happier, more carefree and in the direction of your dreams whatever they may be…

Get in touch you beautiful being

Jen x

Excuse Me

Nothing makes me happier than to hear about a clients success and progress…

‘i was getting really stressed and frustrated with my task the other day, so I switched everything off, left the room for 5 minutes to breathe, came back and was able to deal with it no problem’

For many of us we will have experiences like this when we are trying to get something done that is beating us, we can’t work out how to solve the problem, we know it should be simple but it is just not working, or there is  demands coming at you from all directions and you don’t know what to do first. if you have seen Sex in the City 2, Charlotte crying in the pantry while her kids are screaming and she feels like her world I closing in on her will be very familiar – I don’t have kids but I have been there for sure, you just want the world to stop turning so you can catch your breath and work out how to sort it…

Do it… Stop your world from turning for a few minutes, remove yourself from the room (a toilet break or putting the kettle on are great excuses) and breathe… I have talked about breathing many times before… Big deep, belly filling breaths, smooth in, smooth out…

I in no way advocate smoking, but one reason smoking calms people down is because they are taking big inhales… Take those same deep inhales without the highly toxic chemicals and you will get the same calmness come over you and you will live longer.

Once you have those few moments of breathing you can return to your task with a clear and calm brain that will be able to deal with the world in a much better fashion…

Go forth and breathe…

Have a beautiful and calm day

Jen x

In the moment

Staying present in the moment…

I was out for lunch on Thursday between yoga and my volunteering gig on my own. I was reading a really interesting journal about the structure of the foot and strengthening the foot to help prevent and fix injuries…

When my meal arrived I consciously put the journal to the side so I could focus on eating and enjoying my food… I have found the best Dal in the city in Rishi’s on Bath St…

Too often we are rushing, multitasking and thinking about what’s next rather than just being in that moment and enjoying it…

Stress levels are down, happiness levels increase, indigestion is down, satiety is up, gratitude is present…

There can only be positive outcomes from being present in the moment. Everything is better quality, more enjoyable and believe me, you get more done.

If you are eating your breakfast while reading this, put your device down and focus on your food… This email will still be here for you to read and ponder over in a few minutes

Have a beautiful and present day

Jen x