Bonus Day

Welcome you your bonus day of the year… 29th Feb only happens every 4 years and this year we are going to make it count.

If you are proposing to someone today, please share that fantastic news with me!

If it is your official birthday today, happy birthday!

366 days this year… What will you do with this extra day? If there is one thing that you are thinking about doing but not sure how you will fit it in because you have no time… Taaadaaaaa you just scored an extra 24 hours…

Make it count

Today, being the last day of the month is also time to reflect on the last month. We set some goals at the beginning of the month, how did they go? What did you achieve? What is still to be actioned? What is still in the process of happening?

Enjoy your extra day, have a good one

Jen x

PS this is the last week to get booked in for the Goal Setting workshop, lets work together to overcome your overwhelm and get you unstuck.


Saturday Kitchen

Saturday Kitchen

Pumpkin Bread

1 cup almond flour,

¼ tspn sea salt,

½ tspn baking powder,

1 tblspn cinnamon,

1tspn nutmeg,

½ tspn cloves,

½ cup roast pumpkin,

2 tblspn honey,

3 eggs

I put walnuts through mine, you can use other stuff: pumpkin seeds/rasins/cranberries…

mix it all together in a food processor (or by hand if you don’t have a food processor)

175deg for 35-45 mins

This is delicious straight from the oven. I slice mine up, keep it in the freezer then reheat on my George Foreman grill


Jen x


saturday kitchen image

A favour… You have to… It’s my birthday

Today it’s my birthday, 37 years of life experience, no regrets, lots of lessons, lots of experiences, lots of happiness, some sadness.

I don’t understand people who wish they were back in their 20’s or back at school or say ‘if only I was 10 years younger’

Those days are past, if you are looking back on them with happy memories that is amazing, fantastic, keep those memories but don’t forget to make more now. If you are looking back with regret at missed opportunities or regret, what are the lessons from back then? Put whatever you learned in to practice now so when you look back in 5, 10, 20 years you are not still looking back with regret.

We are alive (if you are reading this from the other side can you please let us know what it’s like!!) we can make any changes we want in life. Sometimes they are scary changes, sometimes fun, sometimes sad but they are changes you need or want to make to take you forward to happiness and towards your dreams.

Do me a massive favour and hit reply to this email and tell me, what is one fear that stops you from making a change?

Mine was not knowing how things will turn out. Will my business work? Will people accept me for being me? The conversation I had with Jake the night our marriage ended, I knew how that conversation would turn out, what I didn’t know was how my life would turn out when I was on my own.

It’s turned out pretty good so far… Not that I didn’t love him or love being married, but I didn’t love seeing someone so sad trying to make someone else happy…

There are so many things to look forward to, so many experiences I have every single day that make me smile, laugh, feel good…

I don’t know how things will turn out in the future, no matter how many times I have had my palms read, cards read, none of them have told me anything about my future… It’s a blank canvas and we get to make the decisions.

Have an awesome day

Jen x

PS remember, hit reply and share your fear that stops you from making a change, you have to reply… it’s my birthday!

It’s all in the mind

I heard an epic statement the other day that made me stop and think WOW!!!

‘Your world is not stressful, it’s all in your mind’

Everything that is going on in your head is your thoughts. Yes you might be busy, there might be deadlines, other people relying on you, asking you for help… You have the ability to say ‘No’ or ask someone else to help you out when things are busy.

The stress usually comes from the forward thinking ‘I have to do XYZ, she said this, he said that, they will think this, I will think that’.

Take a few minutes every single morning before you do anything and meditate. Your brain is busy overnight rebooting, resetting, organising the events of the day just gone past then it has to wake you up so it hasn’t had a moment to settle.

Taking the few minutes when you wake up to just settle your head will make everything else clearer and calmer through the rest of the day.

Maybe you have to set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier. It will totally be worth it when you start to notice the benefits throughout the day. You can get an app that will do a 5 minute guided meditation like Zen Mindfulness or Headspace.

If you find yourself getting out of zen later in the day go hide in the toilet and take a quick breather…

A stressful head is not a productive head.

Have an amazing day

Jen x

PS if you need help with this we cover some of it in the Overcome your Overwhelm with Goal Setting Workshop on Saturday 5th March book your ticket here before it is too late

He tried to change my dream

Don’t let anyone tell you what your dreams should be…

It’s my birthday on Friday and the other day in the gym one of the guys was kidding me on and asking what I was doing for my 40th (I am only going to be 37 this year). Me being me already has a plan (bucket list) and I want to drive Route 66 for it (probably later in the year to get better weather though).

This dude said ‘the only way to do Route 66 is on a motorbike’… I am not a motorbike type of girl, I want to do the route in a campervan… He screwed his face up and said ‘nah, it needs to be a motorbike’…

Me being me and not liking people telling me what to do, what to think/feel or what my dreams should be said ‘it’s my f@*king dream and my f@*king trip and I am doing it in a campervan’ – Sorry mum!!

I may have slightly over reacted to his opinion (my alpha clashing with his) but I feel very strongly about us having our own dreams and being allowed to go after them without other people telling us that we are wrong or that their way is better…

Do you let other people’s opinions and ideas get in the way of you following your dreams? Often we can get caught up seeking validation from other people, almost like a permission to go after what we want.

The problem with that is so often it will hold us back, there will always be someone who will put doubt in your mind (and that can sometimes be the validation we are looking for to let our fears get in the way).

I am not suggesting that you take my aggressive approach to protecting your dreams, maybe just let it pass with ‘well I would do it differently’ breeziness.

If you are sharing your dreams with people, seek out the ones that will be supportive, maybe offer advice to help you make it happen.

Dream big

Jen x

Bucket Lists

I remember a couple of years thinking about it because I had pretty much ticked off all the big things that I wanted to accomplish and was kind of stuck with what else I could add to it…

Recently I have been thinking about my bucket list again and this time I sat down and started researching what other people had on theirs for inspiration.

I got out one of my nice notebooks (leather bound, gift from my friend Nicole when she came back from Canada) and started writing my list again… 5 pages later… and I still feel like it’s not finished.

It’s not a brand new list, I included in it the things I had already done so I could tick them off and help me be inspired and motivated to keep going.

Some of the things are small and really easy to do I just need to get my shit together and get it done like go star gazing in the dark zone. And some are more challenging and going to cost a bit of money like volunteering overseas…

Bucket lists should be in line with your dreams and goals, what is it you want to achieve in life? What impact on the world do you want to make? What will make you happy?

Do you have a bucket list? Do you look at it and add to it and tick off the things you have achieved so you remember and feel proud of your achievements?

If you don’t have one, schedule in some time this week to work on it… You can create yours however you want. Google search other peoples to get some ideas and inspiration.

If you haven’t seen it, watch The Bucket List movie, as sad as it is, it is also very funny… I think that movie itself inspired a lot of people to get working on their list now rather than waiting until the end or when they know they have a limited time left…

Without wanting to be morbid on this fine day, we all have a limited time, make the most of every single second.

Have a beautiful day

Jen x

PS Not long now until the Goal Setting: Overcome Your Overwhelm workshop… have you got your ticket?

She holds me accountable

The last full week of February is here already… This Friday is my birthday, 37 years young… I am really looking forward to it. On Saturday we are going to the Russian Puppet Theatre at the Tron museum then over to the West End for dinner.

Because it is the last full week this is the week you should be stepping up your game to meet this month’s goals.  Normally by this point in the month I have met up with my friend Lisa and we have each set our next months’ business goals, we hold each other accountable and follow up. You have no idea how helpful it is. Last month I rearranged my week so I had a day off each week and got a lot of fiddly wee things done that I had been procrastinating over.

Who do you have holding you accountable? You have me pushing you and reminding you to do things and unless you have signed up for Warrior Woman Project then you don’t have to answer me…

Commit to yourself this week to get things done. If you are feeling overwhelmed or completely  stuck, do not worry… remember, I have a course on Saturday 5th March 12-3pm to help you… tickets can be booked here>>

What else needs done? Or are you completely on top of things?

Let me know how I can help


Jen x

Saturday Kitchen

I know I have shared this recipe before but I have improved it… and with the almond milk that you made last week you might like this as a reminder….

Nice and not that bad hot chocolate

300ml almond milk (homemade is best)

1 tablespoon cacao (or cocoa)

1 dash cayenne pepper (optional)

1 dash of cinnamon (optional)

1 teaspoon pure maple syrup

Heat the almond milk to around 70 degrees (use a milk thermometer if you have one) do not let the milk boil. In a mug paste together the cacao, cayenne and cinnamon and maple syrup then add the warmed milk to the mug and mix well.

You might like to add a sprinkle of cinnamon.

*cacao is a form of cocoa, it is considered to be a raw ingredient because it is heated at a lower temperature than cocoa leaving more of the natural nutrients in it. It is more expensive unless you are near and a member of Costco where you can get it at about half the cost of the supermarket. Cocoa is like cacao has only its natural sugars so please check the lable to make sure that it is 100% and that no sugar has been added

Happy, healthy Saturday

Jen x


A slightly bigger challenge

Funday Friday is with us again… This week I have a slightly bigger challenge for you…

This week I would like you to do or find something to join that will help you improve and take you to the next level of confidence that will help you with your life goals.

At the start of the year I joined Toastmasters, last week I completed my first leadership task by taking on the role of Toastmaster… I was actively encouraged to volunteer for it, I didn’t stop and think about it, I just said yes then started to freak out…

I told you last week about Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, I used some of that inspiration in my opening speech and I had an absolute blast being the Toastmaster. I was so proud of myself, especially when more experienced members haven’t taken on the role yet and were impressed that I had taken it on even though I hadn’t taken on any other roles yet or done my first Ice Breaker speech.

Sometimes you need to just say yes without thinking too much then work out the details later…

Believe me, you will feel so proud of yourself and it will give you a great confidence boost.

Anyway, what I want you to do is think of something that you need to improve on in life and then find something you can go along to that will help you…

It can be anything, you can check out for ideas, you could join warrior woman ( you could find a local club, class, course that you have been promising yourself for ages you would sort out… learn a language, learn to knit, join a badminton club, a toastmasters club (Clyde Communicators is looking for members, we are 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month at Jury’s Inn, Jamaica St 7-9pm, it is free to come as a guest to see what happens).

Let me know what you decide to do…

Jen x

We ask, we learn, we share

It is Vikings Season 4 official launch day… You have no idea how excited I am about this…

I don’t get excited about much on TV… Vikings and First Dates… that is about it! Yes there are very hot men throwing swords about and that is very appealing, but there are also exciting storylines and the women in the show are amazing.

The women in the show are true warriors, and yes some of them the fighting kind but all of them are warriors in spirit. They stay true to their values, they fight for the honour and lives of their people. Yes, they invaded countries to create new settlements for their people, but let’s face it, back in those days that is what nations did… Britain didn’t become the powerful country it is by being nice to their neighbouring countries and it is still going on in the Middle East just now.

Thankfully these days most of us fight for what we believe in in much more civilised and peaceful ways.

We ask, we learn, we share.

For you to get what you want in life, do you know what it is you need to ask for? What you need to learn? What you need to share?

Tell me, how can I help you?

That is all for today

Jen x