Saturday Kitchen

I cannot believe another month has passed… I know I say it every month but seriously… slow down time!!

Anyway, in the speeding time I forgot to make my overnight oats the other day… Got up, got to the kitchen and argh!! No breakfast…

What’s a girl to do??

Smoothie time! I always have banana peeled, chopped and stored in the freezer. I always buy a bunch, go off the idea of having them and hate throwing them out so prep and freeze them then I can easily use them in the peanut butter cookies (remember them!!) or smoothies.

This weeks smoothie was AMAZING!


1-2 frozen bananas (1 large or 2 small)

1 tablespoon raw cacao or cocoa powder

1 tablespoon peanut butter

1 teaspoon maca powder (optional)

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (optional)

1 scoop gluten free oats

1 cup homemade almond milk (you can use any milk that you have in the fridge)

1 cup water (how much water you add will depend how thick or thin you want your smoothie)


Blend until smooth and you are good to go.


Have a fantastic weekend and happy Halloween (I won’t be out because I am scared of people in masks)

Jen x

Are you insane?

“The Definition of insanity is ‘Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”


Some days I think I am insane… We all have insecurities that hold us back, but when we take a step back and look at what it is we are actually doing it’s that face palm moment… You stomp your feet (maybe really, maybe inside your head) and ask yourself ‘why?’


We are not stupid… We know what we need to do to get the result we are after…


You want to look different? You want to feel different? You want to act different?


You will be a yes to at least one of those questions… In some way you want to see a different outcome.


So, on a daily basis how much of your day stays the same?


Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Activity? Work? Catch up with your mum or best friend?


Let’s look at the scenarios individually:


How specifically do you want to look different?


Do you want to be a couple of dress sizes smaller? Do you want to be a bit bigger? Do you want to be more toned? Do you want a Beyoncé Booty?


How specifically do you want to feel different?


Do you want to feel more confident? Do you want to feel calmer? Do you want to feel more energized? Do you want to feel happier?


How specifically do you want to act different?


Do you want to be more in control? More confident? Less in control? More introverted? More extroverted? Speak up for yourself? Take that badass from the boardroom to the bedroom?


What do you need to change to get you 1 step closer to the way you want to be different? When you know more specifically what it is you want to be different it makes the change easier to put in place.


Do you need to plan ahead?


Do you need to learn how to say No?


Do you need to learn how to make more time for yourself?


Are you prepared to make a mistake?


Have you forgiven yourself for past mistakes?


Are you still telling yourself you will with your ready?


To succeed you need to be prepared to make mistakes. Mistakes are good, it’s how you learn, it’s how you grow. Strive for better, not perfection.


What doesn’t help:


Panic, head in the sand, eating shit food, meal replacement shakes or other ‘quick fix’ pills, repeating what you did yesterday.


What does help:


Planning, setting goals, getting help from an expert, getting your head out the sand, eating real and good food, time out to de-stress, doing things for you.


What are you going to do today to start making changes?

Today is the last day that I am taking applications for the Warrior Woman Project starting on Monday, you have the choice to keep being annoyed at yourself for wanting to be different or you can take action and start making that change. The choice is yours; all you need to do is head over to and complete the form. The first stage is a chat with me to make sure that the programme is right for you and you are at the right place in your head for the programme.

Jen x

What do you mean there is no time?

Argh… I have no time…

How many times do you think that in a week or even a day? The reality of most people’s situations is yes they are busy but they badly mismanage their time.

I used to piss about A LOT and I would tell myself I was busy working… Some of it was work but I would spend too long on social media getting caught up in things that were totally irrelevant or even worse… made me feel bad.

I recently had to remove myself from a group on Facebook because I realised that it was making me feel sad… The group is a ‘supportive’ group for single girls to chat about dating life, get advice and support from each other… The concept is a great idea, the reality however left me thinking that there are no decent men in this world… I ditched that group and watch First Dates instead, that has restored my faith in the fact that there are decent people out there looking for real relationships.

Anyway, back to this time wasting… Before the removal of my facebook app from my phone there were so many times I have been sitting with some free time and thought I must go and get my kindle to read that book I wanted to read and 2 hours later I had not moved because I had been trawling through the Facebook news feed in search of something interesting and then all of a sudden it’s time to leave the house or time for bed.

I used to get really annoyed with myself… good news is… it can change… I did it and I have every faith that you can too!

I had to get disciplined. I set myself goals. When I was studying at uni it was 2 journals or 2 hours then a break. And it was a proper break with food and TV time to switch off. Now I pretty much have the same discipline in my business. I look at my To Do list and take action on the high priority items. I don’t clear everything every day and I take my down time to eat away from the laptop and I am way more productive when I do sit down to work.

Top Tips for Making the Most of YOUR Time

–         Work out what times of the day you are most productive and work round that schedule

-          Switch off social media and set an allocated time for it

-          Write a to do list and delegate the crap you don’t want to do or can’t do (I employ a virtual          assistant to do the techy stuff for me, she is AMAZING)

-          Use a calendar to plan out your week: work, study, gym, travel time, plans with friends, social media, networking etc. and stick with it

-          Get people to schedule round you, don’t schedule around other people

-          Don’t bother with ironing (your body heat will take the worst of the creases out)

-          Use TiVo or whatever Sky has for recording shows and watch in your allocated TV time

-          Invest in a food processor (I made soup and a carrot cake in less than an hour)

-          Plan and prepare your meals and snacks, bulk cook and freeze portions

You will be surprised how much time you can get for you when you schedule and actually stick to it. You won’t feel guilty when you take time off because you know everything is getting done, and if the guilt does try to creep in remind yourself how hard you work the rest of the time, you have a schedule to prove it…

If you still find that guilt gets in the way then you need to start to learn that it’s okay to be selfish, self-care is massively important to help you be more productive in your productivity time, whether that is business work or family work, you can only deliver your best when you are at your best. The Warrior Woman Project teaches you exactly that… there are only a couple of days left to arrange your chat to see if the programme is right for you & remember the first 5 women to sign up get a FREE bonus one to one session with me.

Next round starts on Monday so don’t leave it, all you need to do is head over to and complete the form.

Jen x

That was yesterday… this is today

Off the back of this week’s emails I have had a few conversations that have highlighted somethings to me.

When we think about our goals and future and even things we start but don’t finish we connect it with what has happened in the past.

The thing is, we don’t live in the past. The same as we don’t live in the future. We live in the now, here right now, today.

What you did yesterday isn’t important today. It was important yesterday to today but today it’s gone, we can’t change what has happened. What you do today though IS important for tomorrow.

Does that make sense?

You can’t change the past. You can’t fix what has gone. You can learn from it but you need to let go to move forward.

Don’t get me wrong, some things are big, and tough to deal with, grief, making an apology if its needed, dealing with a situation that has left you unsettled, upset or angry. Sometimes you need to clear the air or get something off your chest to feel better and be able to move on.

You need to acknowledge what happened, how it made you feel, feel the emotion but don’t cling on to it, try not to replay the drama in your head (the memory of it is always heaps worse than the reality).

If you need to be sad / angry / frustrated / hurt then be. Don’t fight it.

But, today is a new day.

I am guilty of this too.

When I spoke to one of my friends about things that were holding me back in my personal life he associated it with giving up smoking.  ‘You just need to stop and move forward. ‘

Your metaphorical smoking might be that you need to forgive yourself, if you have never smoked and that metaphor doesn’t work for you, maybe its cake, or alcohol, or drugs, or crisps or chocolate… whatever it is, it’s a habit that you need to give up.

It’s going to be the little efforts that count. Every day you need to do little things to achieve results and move forward. It’s your baby steps… Sometimes those baby steps are tiny, sometimes they will almost be adult steps and sometimes you will fall on your arse. Take motivation from a baby… They always get back up and try again, and keep going until they have mastered it.

Today is the day that you drop the shit, stop procrastinating, take a deep breath read through your list from yesterday of unfinished or un started goals and get your plan in to action.

If it’s your career, every day you need to do something to make you better, to make your business better, you want to be able to go on holidays and afford nice clothes and do fun stuff.

If it’s your health, every day you need to work towards that goal… having cake every day is not going to make you feel good in the long run or get you any closer to feeling less bloated and more comfortable in your clothes.

If it’s your fitness, every day you need to be active. Yes you need time to recover, but how much time depends on how much time you put in. You still need to move as much as possible to get confidence and that body you want to see in the mirror. Get yourself a fitbit or something similar that tracks your movement so you can see in black and white how active or inactive you actually are.

I’m not telling you that it’s going to be easy. If it was everyone would be doing it and everyone would be achieving their goals and the world would be a happy peaceful place.

It will be worth it for you to feel happier about your life and the direction that you are going.

If you need a bigger kick in the ass with this, the next intake of Warrior Woman Project starts next Monday 2nd November and I am offering the first 5 women who sign up a bonus one to one session with me all you need to do is head over to and complete the form. The first stage is a FREE no obligation chat with me to make sure that the programme is right for you and you are at the right place in your head for the programme.

Look forward to hearing from you, happy humpday

Jen x


Finish what you started

Finishing what you start…

I have a course that I started back early 2011 (yes nearly 5 years ago) that I have never quite got round to finishing. When I have a deadline to get something done I am there ready and finished with a week or more to go. No deadline… Work unfinished…

I have made a promise to myself that I will get it done before my birthday (26th Feb) and now that I have written it in here I now need to make sure that I get online and complete the work. I have now taken the folder out my office and have it sitting on the laptop table so I see it, it is in front of me every day and I will get it done.

I am not really good at leaving things unfinished… I like to get it done, see it through to the end so I can tick it off and forget about it.

Now I have told you about it, and given myself a real deadline, I am confident I will get it done.

What do you have in your life that you still have to finish off (or even start)? What promise have you made to yourself that you haven’t quite fulfilled?

I know that my brother has a bathroom and kitchen that need paint work finished… The kitchen has been possibly years waiting to be done, the bathroom months… I want to go round and finish that off for him myself…

Some of you will immediately have things spring to mind, while others will have to think a bit more about it…

Take some time today to put a list together of either things that need to be completed or promises you have made yourself that you have not yet started.

If you want to hold yourself accountable to them, reply to this email or post it in the Warrior Woman Project facebook page (

Speaking of the Warrior Woman Project, the next intake starts next Monday 2nd November and I am offering the first 5 women who sign up a bonus one to one session with me all you need to do is head over to and complete the form. The first stage is a chat with me to make sure that the programme is right for you and you are at the right place in your head for the programme.

Look forward to hearing from you

Jen x

Stay present to stay stress free

How present are you in your daily activities? I don’t often talk to you about exercise and movement but I am going to bring it to your attention today.

Do you ever get to the end of doing something and not remember anything that you did? I get it a lot when I am driving, especially on routes that I know really well. I arrive at my destination thinking how the hell did I get here? Did I run any red lights?

It happens a lot. I have been speaking to my class and personal training clients about that too. When you are first learning an exercise you concentrate on what it is you are doing, how your body is moving and what you can feel. Once you get used to the movement what often happens is you start to go through the motions and forget to think about what is going on.

All of a sudden you have worked through a class and you are thinking ‘that is getting much easier’… As an exercise feels like it is getting easier it means that your body is getting more efficient at doing it, it also can mean that your body has found an easier way to do the exercise and essentially it is cheating you out of a really good and effective workout.

The reason this came to my attention more recently was Jeanette one of my lovely Saturday morning Pilates ladies had a wee grumble as we started to do the shoulder bridge. When I asked her what it was she didn’t like about it she said that she didn’t feel it anymore and it felt like a waste of time. She used to really enjoy it as an exercise.

We spent some time taking the exercise right back to absolute basics and going through it in detail. We had a discussion after and she had realised that she had just disconnected from it. She knew what to do and had been drifting off as she went through the motions of the exercise.

It is so important that even when you know how to do something that you keep your mind and body connected all the way through.

When you are in a class this is not only highly effective in keeping you safe, letting you work that wee bit harder to get better results, but it also allows you to switch off from everything else that is going on in your world around you – HUGE destress time.

Whatever you choose to do as your activity; walking, running, cycling, weights, yoga, Pilates, or any other class, or activity, it could even be things with less movement like reading, writing or painting… keep your mind on your movement and posture staying present in what you are doing. Think about what should be happening, how it should feel how all the different parts of your body are connecting with each other.

Take the time to connect to help you stay stress free (and get much stronger).

Happy Monday

Jen x


Saturday Kitchen

I came across an amazing recipe for baked tofu on Instagram from the Minimalist Baker ( all her recipes use 10 or less ingredients, 1 bowl and are ready in under 30 minutes – although the prep time for this recipe means it’s a bit longer.

I am always looking for ways to make tofu taste great and this is champion.

Crispy Peanut Tofu

350g pressed tofu

1½ tablespoons sesame oil

¼ cup tamari or low salt soy sauce

3 tablespoons light brown sugar or honey

½ teaspoon chilli garlic sauce

2½ tablespoons whole earth peanut butter (you could use almond butter instead)


Drain the tofu – I wrap the block in a clean dish towel, sit it in a bowl, cover with a plastic back then stack some books on top and leave for at least 30 mins.

Bake the tofu – once you have left the tofu to drain, pre heat the oven to 200deg, cut the tofu in to squares and place on some greaseproof paper on a baking tray. Bake for 25 mins to allow the tofu to dry out.

In a bowl add sesame oil, tamari, sugar, chilli sauce and peanut butter and mix together. Do a taste test to see if it is the right sweetness or saltyness for your preference.

Once the tofu has baked, remove from the greaseproof paper and allow to cool for a few minutes. Once its cooled, add it to the sauce and mix through. Allow it to stand for around 15 minutes to soak up the flavours.

To accompany:

I like to have a stir fry veg and noodles with this. You could have rice, cauliflower rice or just stir fried veg with it.

I make my stir fry with soy sauce, garlic, chilli and a couple of spoons of the tofu sauce.

While you are making your stir fry heat a separate frying pan with a little bit of sesame oil, spoon out the coated tofu pieces in to the heated frying pan to crisp off. Because the sauce is sticky it will thicken up in the pan and stick so keep it moving round (the sticky bits are delicious).

Serve up your stir fry accompaniment, place the tofu pieces on top and dress with the remainder of the sauce from the bowl and enjoy… delicious!!!

Have a great weekend

Jen x


It’s Friday…

It’s Friday… if you are jumping for joy because it’s the end of a long week of good focused work then you will be looking forward to a couple of days off.

If you are thinking ‘thank god that week is over’ have a look at what was actually going wrong. What was is exactly that made it a challenging week?

If you are not happy with your work / life / status then it’s up to you to do something about that. The most annoying yet sound bit of advice I have been given was ‘it’s your situation, you put yourself there, if you don’t like it, it’s up to you to get out of it’.

This whole week we have been looking at who inspires you, what you can do to motivate yourself. You need to take full responsibility for all your actions and situations.

End the week in a great place, you are either congratulating yourself on work well done or you are getting your list ready to attack on Monday morning.

The decision is yours, either way, you made it through the week. Have a fantastic weekend.

Jen x

Just in case…

How is your week of being inspired by the people around you instead of comparing yourself to them going?

It should be helping you feel pretty motivated, the To Do list should be getting ticked off, new amazing things being added. You should be feeling pretty pleased with yourself if you have started taking action.

Remember to take time to enjoy and appreciate the things you are getting done.

If you are struggling to get started, don’t panic. There are some things you can do just to get you going, some will work better depending on what motivates you:

  1. Set yourself 4 minutes to make a start, just getting that first 4 minutes done will be further forward than you are now.
  1. Set yourself a reward for getting specific tasks done. When I was studying my deal with myself was 1 journal then a break to watch 1 episode of Breaking Bad, all my essays were complete and ready to hand in more than 2 weeks in advance.
  1. Take yourself away from your usual environment, any distractions like your phone, tablet leave them in another room or put them on airplane mode. Set up a social media blocker like cold turkey on your computer so you don’t get distracted for an allocated time. If you have things that need done and can be done offline go somewhere that you can’t connect to the internet.
  1. Look at where you are right now… Ask yourself why you want to be in a better place, why you want to achieve what is on your list. When you remind yourself of what you want and why you want it that might be enough to get started.
  1. Do a vision board… yes this is procrastinating, yes this is a bit woowoo but if you can see what it is you want to achieve the visual might actually get your ass in gear.
  1. Sign up for Warrior Woman Project, hold yourself accountable, have support, have someone following up on you

Some of these will work better than others depending on your motivations but any of them are worth a try if you are struggling.

Jen x



Comparison is a trap

Comparison is a trap.

This week I have been talking to you about overcoming your obstacles to move you forward. I have mentioned to you about the people in my world that inspire me no matter what their challenge is.

These people inspire me, they make me think ‘if they can, then I can too’.

It is important to understand that I am not comparing myself to any of them. I am not thinking ‘it’s okay for them’ or ‘they get extra support because…’

As soon as you start comparing yourself you are pretty much making yourself a victim. It’s never a like for like situation. Your goals, skills and abilities are different from every single person you know. Maybe one or two things are in alignment but that is it, they are not you, you are not them.

Surround yourself with people who step up and step over, be inspired by them.

Remember the only comparison that should be happening is to who you were yesterday.

Small improvements every single day

Jen x